Is Cold Water Extraction Safe For Codeine Use?

Codeine is a prescription medication used to treat several illnesses such as mild to moderate pain, coughing and diarrhea. Codeine belongs to a class of drugs called opioid analgesics. These induce pain relief by suppressing the transmission of pain signals to the brain. The drug has also been labeled an antitussive that works to repress cough by inhibiting the cough center in the brain. As earlier indicated, codeine is an opioid and hence, precautions must be taken when using this drug. Since opiates are highly addictive, suddenly increasing doses or consuming them for a long time can easily result in drug dependence. Attempting to stop using the drug without medical help can also lead to the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Codeine is taken as oral tablets or in liquid form.

Interested in Codeine Cold Water Extractions Methods

If you’re interested in codeine cold water extraction methods, then you’ve come to the right place. Cold water extraction is the process of removing codeine from a mixture with acetaminophen by utilizing cold water, making it easier to abuse. The substance to be obtained is usually less soluble than the other components in the mix. The process first involves dissolving the mixture in warm water and then rapidly cooling. The less soluble compound quickly turns to solid while the other components remain dissolved. Cold water extraction is commonly used to separate opiates such as codeine from an opioid-containing mixture such as Tylenol, the brand-name for acetaminophen. For instance, in the mixture of codeine with other medications like acetaminophen (or paracetamol) to alleviate cough, codeine can be separated with cold water extraction.

Is Cold Water Extraction Safe For Codeine Use?

More About Cold Water Extraction Methods on Codeine

Sometimes, individuals may carry out cold water extraction of codeine at home to obtain the drug from a mixture. This process is a commonly reported means of tampering with prescription drugs. These individuals may be doing so for many reasons, such as recreational purposes to support their codeine addiction. A more frightening reason may be to obtain codeine to sell illegally. The latter is especially a cause for concern to pharmacists who prescribe codeine to their patients.

Consuming codeine obtained through cold water extraction is highly unsafe. The reason is that there are unclear dosage specifications when the drug is collected as such. Individuals have reportedly been rushed to the emergency room because of opioid toxicity due to taking codeine from cold water extraction. If not timely and adequately handled, an overdose on codeine can result in fatality. Thus, much risk lies in using cold water extraction on the drug. Symptoms to watch out for if codeine overdose is suspected include shallow breathing, slowed heartbeats, severe drowsiness, and coma.

Find Help for Codeine Abuse With a Codeine Detox Program

Even if an overdose does not immediately occur, the body begins to build tolerance for codeine with every intake. Soon enough, this results in chronic addiction to the drug. Addiction can be very debilitating, both to the individuals affected and their families. Therefore, proper help should be administered for such persons to recover as soon as possible. Addiction treatment centers provide opioid detox programs that include codeine treatment that will help these individuals regain sobriety. If you live in or around New Jersey, please reach out to us at NJ Addiction Resources. We can link you to a treatment facility close to you that offers the most cost-effective recovery plans. We will also provide external support and encouragement to help you live your life codeine-free and sober again. Contact our recovery advocates today for confidential, free, around the clock help and support.

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