Is Dependence the Same as Addiction?

Although used interchangeably, addiction and dependence do not necessarily mean the same thing. Addiction has been described as the chronic use of drugs or alcohol. It is marked by a reluctance or an inability to stop substance use despite its negative consequences and impacts on different areas of one’s life. It is a complex disease resulting from alterations in the brain that make it difficult for people who misuse substances to quit without support.

Dependence as a Critical Component of Addiction

On the other hand, dependence is a critical component of addiction identified by withdrawal, tolerance, or both. Withdrawal is often accompanied by substance-specific symptoms that overwhelm individuals who quit substance use cold-turkey (often in the absence of professional intervention). People become tolerant of a substance when they require increasing amounts to elicit an effect or reach a certain high.

Notably, substance dependence, especially with drugs and prescription medications, does not always suggest an underlying addiction. For example, an individual on prescription pain killers may need increasing dosages to get the desired effect without becoming addicted. This distinction between addiction and dependence, however, does not make dependence any safer than addiction.

Is Dependence the Same as Addiction?

The Pathway to Sobriety is Structured Treatment Plan

The most reliable route out of your substance dependence or addiction dilemma is structured addiction treatment plans. A typical addiction treatment plan consists of personalized modalities spanning detox and other therapies. Its duration and schedule are often dependent on the severity of addiction and the preferences of a patient. Common alternatives that you or your loved ones may explore to undergo a recovery plan are inpatient, Ambulatory, or In-Home services. In addition to Detox Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dual Diagnosis, and other comprehensive programs are the key modalities offered in a recovery plan.

Dealing with your Substance Dependence or Addiction in New Jersey Addiction Resource

Although a fundamental part of your quest for sobriety, identifying or enrolling in the right addiction treatment program is not always an easy task. Most individuals who seek professional support to manage their substance use crises are often clueless about what to look out for in these programs. Because of this uncertainty, the abundance of recovery programs in the United States which is supposed to increase their chances of finding the right program turns out to be an inevitable barrier. 

With Recovery Advocates, however, this barrier is effortlessly surmounted. The roles these professionals play in helping addicted people make headway in their predicaments cannot be overemphasized. They leverage their years of experience working with multiple rehabilitation centers to recommend treatment options best tailored to the needs of individual clients. Also notable is how they help drug-dependent individuals find and enroll in evidence-based Detox and addiction treatment programs.

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