Empire Plan Covered Addiction Treatment Centers

For many people struggling with addiction, health insurance offers an opportunity to get the treatment you desperately need. Depending on the type of substance rehab coverage that you have, as well as the type of addiction treatment that you need, our recommended Empire Plan addiction treatment centers are here to help you.

The Empire Plan (also known as the New York Health Insurance Program) is an insurance plan that helps public employees in New York to reduce the costs of their drug treatment along with other health issues. The plan was set up to provide comprehensive drug treatment coverage for patients. The duration of your addiction, the severity of the addiction as well as the rate at which the substance was abused will determine the type of coverage that you will receive.

Does Empire Plan Cover Drug Rehab?

When you’re planning to enter an Empire Plan drug rehab center, you may be wondering if your rehab needs will be covered by your insurance plan. Although the Empire Plan offers rehab coverage, the extent of coverage will be determined by your individual policy. Feel free to contact us for a 100% free and confidential insurance verification where we will go over all the treatment options you have available.

What Length of Addiction Treatment Does the Empire Plan Cover?

The drug rehab process is dictated by the individual that is undergoing treatment. Thus, the duration of treatment will vary from one individual to another. Once you’ve been assessed by the clinical team at the drug rehab of your choice, your personalized treatment plan will be tailored along with the duration of your stay. This all depends on the severity of your addiction and your substance abuse history, along with many other factors.

Empire Plan Insurance Coverage of Specialty Treatment Programs

It is very important for you to understand your health concerns when fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The Empire Plan offers medical and health services coverage not related to substance abuse as well because it’s a comprehensive health insurance plan. You can also have other requirements for a specialty addiction treatment program.

The Empire Plan also helps with inpatient and outpatient hospital coverage, medical/surgical procedures, infertility, cancer treatment, home care services, as well as mental health coverage.

Regardless of the treatment programs that you need, there are options for you. Empire Plan insurance coverage has different benefits that can suit your condition. In some cases, you may need to pay out-of-your pocket for the treatment plan that you select. NJ Addiction Resources can work with you to discover your benefits so that the addiction treatment process can begin smoothly.

Verify Your Empire Plan Addiction Treatment Coverage Benefits

You need to be hopeful in order to attain a successful recovery. You also need to choose an addiction treatment center that accepts Empire Plan insurance so that you can successfully recover without any financial burdens. The recovery advocates at NJ Addiction Resources can help to ensure that your insurance coverage is clear and transparent so that you won’t encounter any unexpected surprises along the way.

Whether you (or someone close to you) are searching for an Empire Plan covered addiction treatment center, we can help you go through your options and pick the right Empire Plan drug rehab center. Give us a call around the clock to better understand your specific plan and coverage.

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