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Most addictive drugs that plague the United States at present are primarily herbal substances, some of which are as old as or even older than human civilization. Another addictive drug, that receives lesser attention, is derived from fermented fruits or distilled grains. This is alcohol. Humankind has applied alcohol for thousands of years for several purposes including treating a range of diseases. While its mechanism of action was unknown at the time, alcohol (along with fire or tobacco smoke) has been known for more than 2000 years to keep pathogens at bay. Nearly two centuries ago, alcohol was used to treat bodily discomforts that arose from using contaminated water in Europe. Even today, alcohol is still used as a disinfectant and its psychopharmacological activities have now been explained.

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the United States after caffeine. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that nearly 6 in 10 Americans over the age of 18 regularly use alcohol for recreational purposes. America’s problem with alcohol use is responsible for about 18 million adults who are dependent or addicted, 189,000 health emergencies and 88,000 deaths annually.

Alcohol Rehab Near Hamilton NJ

Alcoholism Treatment in Hamilton NJ

Let’s g over the disease of alcoholism before you find an alcoholism treatment program in Hamilton NJ or out-of-state. Alcohol as a drug is somewhat different from other substances that we have always known to be psychoactive drugs (e.g., marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines). When compared to these recreational drugs, alcohol is a very weak drug. This is evident when compared with these drugs. The effective dose of alcohol is measured in grams, while the effective doses of other drugs are measured in milligrams. Nonetheless, alcohol is just as highly effective at altering mood and behavior. This is because it readily crosses the blood-brain barrier. Furthermore, because it is also soluble in water, alcohol readily diffuses throughout all bodily tissues, making its effects pronounced.

Alcohol exerts its psychoactive effects by affecting the brain’s neurochemistry. Its mechanism of action is similar in many ways to other depressant or sedative drugs that alleviate anxiety. This can lead to the phenomenon of “cross-tolerance” where individuals may become more tolerant to the effects of alcohol when they regularly use other sedatives/hypnotic drugs, such as Valium or Xanax. Even though alcohol may not be used at the same time with these drugs, the practice is very dangerous and potentially fatal.

Getting into Alcohol Rehab near Hamilton NJ

Hamilton NJ alcohol rehab is a comprehensive addiction treatment where professionals identify and evaluate the multi-factorial problem of alcohol dependence or addiction in an individual. The professionals understand the pharmacodynamics of alcohol abuse and are experienced in using detox, medication-assisted treatment as well as psychotherapy to help an individual live a healthier life without resorting to alcohol as a coping mechanism to stressors and triggers.

Individuals, who try solo attempts to quit alcohol abuse, experience severe withdrawal symptoms and relapse so many times that they may give up on their recovery goals. This is why detox under medical supervision is highly recommended.

At NJ Addiction Resources, our recommended alcohol rehab centers near Hamilton NJ will help you kick alcohol addiction. You will receive adequate professional support for recovery management and relapse prevention. In addition, our experienced addiction experts will work with you to develop alternate ways to deal with environmental triggers and stressors. Successful completion of rehab is combined with continuous care through medication, physical support, and psychological counseling. All these are within reach for residents of Hamilton, all you have to do is call our addiction helpline for more information.

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