Alcoholism Treatment near Hamilton, NJ

Alcohol has quite an intriguing history. Asides being common in Greek and Roman traditional ceremonies, the early Christian Church also viewed it as a gift from God to be used and enjoyed. The use of alcohol as a way to ease the hardship of daily life in early times was also encouraged even though people were warned against drinking too much. Over time, people began to use alcohol as medicine, too.

Today, people who have an ache or pain have easy access to pain relievers such as Aspirin to make them feel better. However, alcohol was one of the few affordable sources of pain relief in early America. Alcohol was also an alternative to water as early Americans lacked the non-alcoholic beverages that are common today. Their water was often polluted; milk was in short supply and spoiled quickly; coffee and tea were too expensive, and so alcoholic beverages such as beer were the perfect alternative. Thus, one can understand how deeply drinking has been ingrained into American society and culture.

Alcoholism Treatment near Hamilton, NJ

EffectiveTreatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism was quickly recognized as a problem in early America when men often packed in taverns to drink, gamble, fight and squander their wages. The response to this was the earliest form of support group similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous that we have today. Communities such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Anti-Saloon League of America started as “temperance clubs” where they offered friendship, community, and a sense of belonging — without the alcohol.

Treatment for alcoholism in Hamilton NJ and out-of-state has evolved as addiction treatment specialists began to understand the nuances of how alcohol affects the mind and body of the user. Modern-day treatment normally begins with detoxification that aims to get the alcohol out of the body of the recovering alcoholic. Detox is a supervised residential program that usually takes about four to seven days to complete.

After detox, recovering alcoholics undergoing treatment also receive emotional support and treatments in the form of psychotherapy and medication to manage cravings. In psychotherapy, recovering alcoholics usually talk about their problems with a therapist and at group meetings with other recovering alcoholics. There is also a kind of therapy in which the alcoholic and their family meet with the therapist to work through how alcoholism has affected them and also provide support for the recovering alcoholic.

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Dealing with alcoholism can be exhausting and achieving sobriety is not a walkover but could be worthwhile. Recovering alcoholics who commit to treatment will have to endure withdrawal symptoms such as problems with sleeping, uncontrollable body tremors, stomach pain, and vomiting. Some might even experience seizures within hours of trying to quit drinking.

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