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Addiction is increasing in America and is fueled by drug distribution networks that have expanded to rural and suburban areas. More than 72,000 Americans died from a drug overdose in the last year. These figures set a new record for the opioid-driven drug epidemic. The rising overdose fatalities make the drug epidemic deadlier than gun violence, car crashes or HIV/AIDS, which have never had as many fatalities in a single year. This means that drug overdose kills nearly 200 Americans every day.

Hamilton in Mercer County is the 9th-largest municipality in New Jersey. The town is just east of the state’s capital, Trenton with about 89,000 residents in a community that is plagued by the drug problems of urban life. According to official figures, Hamilton is ranked 14th among the 30 towns worst hit by drug abuse in New Jersey.

Hamilton NJ Drug Detox Programs

How a Drug Detox Program Will Benefit You

On TV, a stereotype drug addict loses everything and dies from the realization that drugs cannot fill the void in their life. While it is partly true that many drug addicts end up financially, emotionally, physically and mentally wrecked by drug addiction, chronic addicts can turn their lives around, remain sober and live drug-free lives. It starts with acknowledging the problem, knowing you cannot face sobriety alone and seeking help.

Overcoming drug addiction and long-term sobriety takes a great deal of motivation, commitment, and dogged willingness to get better. A typical detox program is a residential (in-patient) program that rids an addict’s bloodstream of all traces of toxins.

Detox is not just about staying off drugs for a while as your body excretes the drug; it is also characterized by withdrawal symptoms that may turn severe or fatal. Thus, it is not advisable to go cold turkey on your own. Instead, a Hamilton NJ drug detox program supervised by an experienced therapist considers the needs of a recovering addict and employs medication-assisted treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms and achieve abstinence.

At the end of detoxification, you will be free of all traces of the drug and ready to begin a drug-free life. Bearing in mind that detox is just the first phase of recovery, it is important to continue with treatment by participating in psychotherapies such as individual, group, and/or family therapy. Therapy sessions are conducted in an outpatient setting or during the period of an extended stay at a residential treatment center after detox.

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Overcoming drug addiction is not without hurdles and relapse. Residential detox programs have the most success rates because they use a patient-focused mentoring approach to help recovering addicts. There is also plenty of time for experienced therapists to observe and adjust the recovering addict’s personalized treatment plan.

Furthermore, a mind and body approach is used to achieve the best outcomes. While a recovering drug user might feel ready and willing to focus on sobriety and healing, the user’s body might still be under the influence of drugs.

At all of our recommended Hamilton NJ drug detox programs, residential, and outpatient detox centers help individuals with drug addiction. NJ Addiction Resources is committed to connecting you with the best drug detox center in Hamilton, New Jersey. Treatment is individualized and based on the assessment of your recovery needs by an experienced professional. To begin your journey to long-term sobriety, call our addiction helpline today.

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