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Hamilton is a township in Mercer County, New Jersey. Located east of the state’s capital, Trenton, and with a population of about 89,000 residents, the town is the 9th-largest municipality in New Jersey. As the wave of drug abuse sweeps America, the community has not been immune to the drug problems of urban life in Mercer County. Illicit and prescription opioids, as well as narcotics, forms the core of the misuse problem in Hamilton. In 2017, there were 316 cases of heroin overdoses in the township alone. This ranks Hamilton 14th among the 30 worst-hit towns in the state. If you are searching for drug rehab centers in Hamilton NJ, we have the lasting solution for you.

Hamilton NJ Drug Rehab Centers

New Jersey Drug Addiction Epidemic

Drugs are divided into several different chemical and structural classes. The subject of discussion, opioids, belongs to a class of drugs that have been widely used to relieve acute and chronic pain. In modern definition, an opioid is a substance that binds to opioid receptors in the brain. They may be agonists or antagonists. On the other hand, narcotics are drugs with the potential for abuse – even though both terms are often used interchangeably.

Drug misuse is a major public health concern in the United States, with many federal agencies noting that the deleterious consequences of drug misuse, including death, have reached epidemic proportions. Addiction is a primary chronic disorder where an individual pursues reward or relief through substances despite their harmful side effects.

Unlike the popular stereotype, addiction is not wholly a moral failing on the user’s part. Instead, it is the result of neurochemical changes to the brain that create compulsive drug-seeking and drug-use behavior. At present, the reasons why some people develop a severe addiction to inherently addictive drugs while others do are not clear. However, we know that addiction and overdose can occur in individuals with legal prescriptions for opioids to relieve pain and those who non-medically abuse it (those using drugs that were not prescribed for them for the high that they cause).

About 8 in every 10 opioid misuse starts with people taking a medication that was not prescribed for them. Virtually everyone experiences moderate or severe pain at some point in their lifetime and more than 30 percent of Americans have some form of chronic pain. Thus, it is unsurprising that opioids are the third most commonly prescribed class of medications in the United States – following antimicrobials and antidepressants.

Getting into Rehab in Hamilton NJ

Patients with drug addiction need proper treatment centers, including ones that offer detox, medication-assisted therapy (MAT) as well as psychological therapy. Detox is the first stage of kicking drug addiction. During this period, long-acting oral opioids are used to treat the uncomfortable opioid withdrawal symptoms. These drugs include methadone and buprenorphine. They are administered to initially relieve symptoms and then gradually reduce the dose to allow adjustment to the absence of an opioid.

While individual, as well as group therapy, are a crucial part of every recovery, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has proven to be the most successful treatment option for opioid addiction. Because detoxing on your own has a high risk of potentially fatal consequences, you should not stop using drugs or alcohol without medical supervision.

At all of our recommended rehab programs, medically supervised detox helps to achieve abstinence. NJ Addiction Resources is committed to connecting you with the best drug rehab centers in town, that help patients and their families reclaim their lives and future. Residential and outpatient rehab options are available to individuals with drug addiction. Treatment is individualized based on the assessment of your recovery needs by an experienced professional.

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