Heroin Treatment near Hamilton, NJ

Heroin is not just an American problem; every country is affected directly or indirectly by opioids. This understanding led 13 countries to lay the foundation for concerted international drug control 100 years ago in Shanghai, China. Nevertheless, heroin addiction remains relentless in the way it affects Americans from all lifestyles. The flow of illicit opioids, especially heroin, across national borders is linked with crime, chronic disease, and social distress throughout America. Heroin is also affecting the Hamilton, New Jersey area. Our recommended heroin treatment near Hamilton NJ and out-of-state offers a safe detox and rehab program.

Heroin Treatment near Hamilton, NJ

The Trend of Heroin Addiction

Heroin, in particular, is a chronic problem in America. The major reason for the rise, fall and eventual rise in the rate of opiate addiction can be attributed to the prevailing medical practice of the day, drug policy/scheduling and illicit drug distribution channels respectively. Concerning medical practice, physicians inadvertently promoted the spread of opiate through unregulated prescriptions up until 1971. Drug scheduling and the Controlled Substances Act of 1971 curbed this practice, leading to a decline of opioid addiction onward. Despite these drug policy reforms, there emerged a pattern of non-medical consumption of opioids in the United States, mainly among Americans older than 12 years, who get these drugs from street dealers, friends or pilfering from a family member’s prescription.

Heroin Treatment and Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin addiction is a difficult challenge to overcome because the addict’s body has become used to the constant exposure to heroin and its effects. Withdrawal symptoms are so unpleasant and powerful that the addict uses whatever means necessary to get more heroin to stop the symptoms. To break this cycle of continued use, the addict must undergo a rehabilitation (or rehab) program. This involves detoxification, or detox, as a treatment for physical addiction. The goal of detox is to get the patient’s body to a point at which he or she does not have withdrawal symptoms and can function without heroin. The current medical treatment and detox procedures are a major improvement over what was available in the past.

Quitting cold turkey off heroin is difficult because of the intense withdrawal effects of the physical and psychological addiction. Even though cold turkey is a popular practice among addicts, it is not as successful as when an addict, who wants to achieve sobriety, gets professional medical help. Heroin withdrawal symptoms set in between 8 and 24 hours after the last use of heroin. The common symptoms include diarrhea, aches and pains, stomach cramps, vomiting, sweats, and chills. Addicts who go through heroin withdrawal without supervised help often describe the experience as though they were dying. This feeling and the accompanying symptoms can be so strong that the addict relapses just to avoid them.

On the other hand, heroin treatment in Hamilton NJ and out-of-state usually begins with medically-assisted detox where medical drugs that are similar to heroin but do not have all the euphoric effects are used to taper off the recovering addict. These drugs help the addict’s body adapt to not having the stimulation of heroin. This helps to lessen the withdrawal effects of heroin since these drugs are not removed from the body all at once. Furthermore, cognitive-behavioral therapy helps change how the recovering thinks, acts, and cope with stressors and triggers of their addiction in real life. Although detox and CBT work well in helping with heroin addiction during residential rehab, preventing relapse after treatment involves outpatient therapy sessions as well as having a support group.

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