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The history of drug rehab in the United States goes as far back as the founding fathers. Americans have felt the effects of drug abuse for as long as we have used. The physical and mental health implications of addiction became even more evident as we created monitoring systems.

Benjamin Rush, one of the founding fathers, was one of the first to believe that alcoholism was not due to the moral failure but rather due to alcohol itself. His opinion was different from the accepted belief at the time but research by addiction treatment specialists proved him right.

Early rehab in America was one of intensive faith-based prayer and later commitment to mental institutions. This led to the establishment of the New York State Inebriate Asylum, a hospital created solely to treat alcoholism as a mental health condition. Community groups and sober houses soon began to appear as rehab became refined.

Addiction Treatment Programs

What drug rehab is like today?

There are thousands of rehab programs in America today. Each uses a variety of treatment approaches, ranging from traditional, evidenced-based care to more experimental or holistic treatment. While there may be similarities in treatment, rehab is often customized according to the individual patient. A comprehensive treatment included therapies that have been chosen specifically for the individual after an initial evaluation. Treatment may be modified as rehab progresses. Approaches used in Mercer County NJ addiction treatment include:

Also known as detox, this is the foundation for any successful rehab program. Every other treatment builds on the success of detox to ensure long-term sobriety. During detox, recovering addicts do not have access to substances and traces of the drugs are removed from their systems.

  • Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is one of the most effective treatments used in drug rehabilitation. The therapy helps the therapist map out your behavioral responses to specific triggers. Once these triggers have been identified, healthier responses to those triggers or stressors are developed. CBT is done in a one-on-one therapy session and in a safe environment that encourages you to open up and share your fears and concerns. This transparency helps the therapist develop alternative behavioral responses to your drug abuse.

  • Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions give the recovering addict what CBT cannot, a certain sense of camaraderie or community. All participants in group therapy have struggled with drug addiction at a point in their lives. They share their personal stories to encourage others. Knowing that one is not alone in the struggle for sobriety allows for emotional healing. Participants of group therapy often develop a sense of fellowship during rehab, and as trust grows, they become more open in their sessions. It is where everyone develops sincere compassion, understanding, and encouragement for each other’s battles.

  • Specialized Sessions

Everyone struggle with drug problems in different ways. While CBT and group therapy are very helpful, some people require specialized sessions. These could be tailored for anger management, stress management or grief counseling.

  • Family Therapy

Addiction affects the entire family and recovery involves the whole family. Drug abuse often results in anger and resentment from loved ones who have been on the receiving end of drug-influenced behavior. Family therapy sessions seek to resolve suppressed feelings and help the recovering addict’s family heal. These sessions are indispensable to the long-term success of any rehab program since the family is the primary support system for the recovering addict after rehab.

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