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The effects of addiction are everywhere – in every family and workplace. Still, the behavior is hidden from public view, as addicts can be very clandestine about their drug abuse. Sometimes, even family members are unaware of the problem until a major crisis, such as overdose, ensues.

A complicated mixture of social, biological, and environmental predispositions makes some people more susceptible to drug abuse and addiction than others. Thus, understanding those factors is the first step in preventing or getting help for addiction.

The burden of addiction is not quantifiable in both deaths and dollars because the epidemic is not a recent development. Americans have had a considerable appetite for drugs and alcohol since the European landings in the New World and the founding fathers. Drug use was common among Native Americans in religious ceremonies and rites of passage. In addition, as alcohol was pervasive in Britain, it quickly spread to the New World. Furthermore, opioids and other illicit drugs have been widely available by prescription and contained in medicines until their addictive nature cause the crisis we are grappling with today.

Addiction Help in Mercer County

New Jersey Addiction Treatment Programs

Not every Mercer County addiction treatment program works for everyone. This is because individual responses vary considerably. Biological, psychological, and environmental factors have profound influences on the circumstances surrounding addiction. Thus, the best treatment approach to addiction calls for flexibility and persistence in helping an individual achieve long-term sobriety. The treatments listed below have been chosen because of their diversity and are backed by research and empirical evidence.

  • Drug & Alcoohl Detox: Detoxification is the first approach to combating substance abuse. It involves ridding the body of chemicals from the drug. However, it is not enough. The job of detoxification is to set the recovering addict on track for further treatment.
  • 12-Step Program: Pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, this treatment prescribes its twelve steps, which are the path a person with an addiction must follow to recover and rebuild their life. As part of a comprehensive treatment, the program can be very useful as meetings are highly accessible, available 24/7, and free.
  • SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training): This alternative to AA seeks to enable recovering addicts to take control of their problems instead of regarding themselves as being powerless as the 12-step program asserts.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT): CBT is meant to be a time-limited (eight to twelve sessions individually, in a group, or a mixture) and a highly problem-focused treatment program. The sessions are structured to examine and change the negative beliefs, which a recovering addict has. The program can be an effective method for relapse prevention.
  • Group Therapy: Complementary to CBT, group therapy is conducted in a variety of professional and outdoor settings. Group approaches to addiction may be more effective than individual therapy because of the power of peers and their capacity to facilitate better responses to addiction treatment.
  • Family Education and Relationship Building: Addiction can rip family ties to shreds. A recovering addict might lose focus if their families are not there to help. Families remain the greatest and most enduring source of emotional, practical, and financial support for recovering addicts. This treatment includes therapy sessions that focus on healing and rebuilding broken family ties.

Help With Addiction in Mercer County NJ

Mercer County in New Jersey is home to some 350,000 residents. She is also under the looming shadows of drug addiction. About 3,000 overdoses were reported in 2017 alone. Alcohol, Heroin, Opiates, Cocaine, and Marijuana, are the most abused substances in the Mercer County NJ area.

The best approach to treatment is to focus on the condition and underlying causes, with long-term intervention aimed at curtailing relapse and maintaining sobriety. When getting help for addiction, you need a program where therapists employ a combination approach to treatment.

That is what we are committed to helping you achieve at NJ Addiction Recovery Resourcesy. We will discuss your specific needs and recommend a suitable treatment facility for you. The therapists at our partner centers are experienced in Mercer County addiction treatment help. They will help you kick the habit while equipping you with life-skills. Call our helpline for more information.

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