Mercer County Alcoholism Treatment Centers

In our culture, alcohol is considered a normal substance to use. It is used to celebrate success and drown negative emotions. It is on the TV, in the news, movies and social media. Hardly a day goes by where we are not exposed to alcohol-related content. Drinking is so common that many teenagers do not even consider alcohol as a drug – which it very much is. Like every other drug, alcohol can be misused and causes addiction. Its legal status does not make it harmless.

Alcoholism is a compulsion to drink alcohol despite negative consequences in your life. It is characterized by loss of control in limiting intake and the emergence of a negative emotional and physical state (withdrawal) when a drink is unavailable. Scientists believe that the compulsion stems from neuro-adaptation, which involves negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is defined as relief from a negative emotional state, which is achieved only after taking a drug. If you are searching for alcohol rehabs in Mercer County NJ, then we can recommend the best one in the area.

Mercer County Alcoholism Treatment Centers

When Alcohol Becomes a Problem

Alcohol use begins as a means to satisfy some need. Sometimes, alcoholics are unable to describe this need. There is just always reasons to drink. When feeling low, tense, tired, mad, or happy. Then an alcoholic’s goal becomes to maintain a “glow,” which they cannot achieve without a drink. By now, a person is already hooked but is desperate to hide it. Therefore, they sneak drinks into their lives. They begin to hide alcohol in their desk, bedroom, car glove compartment, so it would never be far away.

At this stage, an alcoholic may develop anxiety if they think that they might not have alcohol when they need it. Then a cycle of guilt and escape sets in, and self-loathing is followed. The loathing is almost physical—a dead weight that can only be lifted by having a drink. The main point in this common scenario is the transition from drinking to feel good, to drinking to avoid feeling bad. This behavior is encouraged by personality differences and shaped not only by genetics but also by environmental and social factors.

Alcoholism and smoking are the most frequent causes of addiction in the United States. Actually, alcohol is associated as a risk factor for several health problems. 65 million adults use alcohol irresponsibly, and 15 million can be categorized as alcohol dependent.

The burden on the American economy is enormous at 250 billion dollars annually. Besides the dependence and economic burden, alcohol is related to a range of hazards, from accidents to suicide. Furthermore, the effects are felt in social and occupational problems, family problems, and unemployment. A particular cause for concern is the declining age of exposure to alcohol use, which stands at 13–14 years in the United States.

Treatment for Alcoholism in Mercer County, New Jersey

In alcoholism, a pattern of severe emotional and physical withdrawal syndrome is observed in withdrawal. Many alcoholics have evolved into an opioid-like state in which they must have alcohol available at all times to avoid the negative consequences of abstinence. Alcohol withdrawal produces physical symptoms such as tremor, hyperactivity, nausea, vomiting, and seizures, but more importantly, produces psychological symptoms of anxiety, dysphoria, insomnia, and depression.

The first step in alcoholism treatment is detox, which may be medically-assisted depending on the severity of the addiction. Here, your therapist will prescribe drugs to help alleviate the painful side effects of withdrawal. Mercer County alcohol detox lasts for about a week and is followed by inpatient or outpatient rehab, depending on your needs. Inpatient rehab is an intensive treatment program that requires you to live in a Mercer County alcohol rehab facility for a certain period, usually from 30 to 90 days. Outpatient rehab allows you to recover while continuing with your daily life. In rehab, your therapist will employ cognitive-based therapy (CBT) and other interventions to help you face your addiction.

As long-term sobriety requires continuous support, you will participate regularly in support group meetings and counseling that focus on building coping skills. These will make sure you maintain sobriety and live a healthier lifestyle.

Finding Alcoholism Treatment in Mercer County

When left unaddressed, alcoholism can be potentially fatal. Through NJ Addiction Resources, you can access the best alcoholism treatment programs within Mercer County. These programs have an individualized approach to getting you off alcohol addiction and seeing you live the quality of life you deserve without depending on drugs. We will be thrilled to discuss your options and needs. Call our addiction helpline.

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