Opioid Detox Centers in Mercer County

There is a global struggle to end the drug endemic, and in New Jersey the situation has been dire in recent years. The effects of premature mortalities, economic and social harm, casualties in associated violence, divorce, and domestic problems are deep into the social fabric. Opioids are the number one culprit, affecint families and communities throughout the Mercer County, New Jersey area. If you’re searching for opioid detox centers in Mercer County, then we can help you.

Drugs promise to provide an escape for people who have not found a way to live comfortably in the real world. Not only do these drugs promise to make social anxiety easier, but they also promise to keep depression at bay. Eventually, the user is trapped in a vicious cycle of depression and addiction. These drugs are also social lubricants that ease interaction. For the lonely, drugs can provide a social group — of other users — who share a strong common interest in getting high. Insecurity, fatigue, isolation, and doubts can be replaced by euphoria, a sense of peace, confidence, and connection — everything an addict craves.

Mercer County Opioid Detox Centers

Scope of the Opioid Addiction Epidemic

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2016, the number of overdose deaths involving opioids (including prescription opioids and illegal opioids like heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl) was five times higher than that of 1999. Averagely, 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. In 2016, approximately 42,000 of more than 64,000 individuals, who died from an overdose, died from an opioid-related overdose.

Besides, 11.5 million Americans misused prescription opioids, and 2.1 million met criteria for an opioid use disorder in 2016. These rates may underestimate the true prevalence of opioid use disorder as they are based on household data, which excludes institutionalized, homeless, or incarcerated individuals. Opioid overdose has become so common that emergency workers are urged to carry around doses of naloxone, which can be administered to counteract the side effects of opioids.

The risk factors for developing addiction differ among people. That is, risk factors do not always lead to drug use or addiction, but those with certain risk factors are more likely to use and become addicted. A major risk factor for drug use is genetics. Other risk factors are psychological disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and physical or psychological trauma.

Help for Opioid Abuse Begins with Detox

Detoxification is the first and necessary step in recovery. It involves ridding the body all noxious substances from the drug and is characterized by withdrawal symptoms. As some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, Mercer County opioid detox should be done under medical supervision. Medically-assisted detox with Suboxone has proven to be most successful for opioids. Other medications administered in detox are used to ease withdrawal symptoms, reverse the damage, and help the brain and body return to their natural chemical processes, reduce cravings and make relapse physically uncomfortable.

Find Opioid Detox in Mercer County

Although treatment begins with detox, it is not enough. After opioid detox in Mercer County or out-of-state, you will be encouraged to continue in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program where individual or group psychotherapy and other approaches will ensure your commitment to sobriety and long-term recovery.

Finding and matching you with the best detox program is our duty at NJ Addiction Resources. We are here to help you get in-town care without going out of your way. You can be certain of a personalized solution to your opioid challenges. The journey towards recovery begins with a call; our addiction experts will be waiting to hear from you.

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