Valium Detox Programs in Mercer County NJ

Prescription pills are at the forefront of a drug epidemic that has gripped the United States. The rate at which prescription pills are given out by doctors and physicians has contributed to an increasing wave of addiction and drug overdoses. Benzodiazepines are prescribed for a variety of anxiety related disorders, and often abused because they produce a high in large doses. Valium is one of the most popular and commonly abused benzodiazepines. If you are searching for a Mercer County Valium detox center, we are here to assist you around the clock.

Mercer County Valium Detox Programs

What is Valium? How Does it Work?

Valium is the brand name for diazepam and a member of the benzodiazepines. Benzos are a family of prescription drugs that are mainly used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. However, this medication is often misused. The medication produces a mild tranquilizing effect. It works by producing a calm, relaxed, or peaceful feeling that can become addictive.

Valium is a Central Nervous System depressant. It influences the receptor’s brain neurotransmitters. The result is decreased nervousness, agitation and pronounced decrease in the severity of anxiety and panic attacks.

Although Valium is very helpful in treating many psychological and physical health issues, Valium is extremely addictive and has become one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in the United States. Recreational use of Valium at higher doses than prescribed produces intense euphoria or “drunk-like” high. Our recommended Mercer County Valium detox programs are an opportunity to safely get off this addictive drug.

Mercer County Valium Detox

Valium detox in Mercer County NJ or out-of-state is the first step in breaking free from its addictive hold. It involves ridding the addict’s body system of all traces of the drug. Because Valium is used to treat symptoms of anxiety, seizure disorders, muscle spasms, and chronic sleep disorders, detox can be very uncomfortable for the addict. Thus, detoxification occurs in an inpatient setting under the supervision of an experienced addiction therapist.

Your therapist will be there every step of the way to help you manage withdrawal symptoms and provide the much-needed psychological support. While in detox, you will be physically engaged in building coping skills, participate in group therapy – all of which are important to your recovery.

People may become addicted to Valium after just a few days of use. Moreover, those that take the medication for longer periods are more likely to build up a tolerance and develop a dependency on the drug. Thus, detox is often followed by inpatient or outpatient treatment. The addict will work with a therapist during detox to evaluate their recovery needs. The addiction therapist will most likely recommend a series of post-detox treatment afterward.

Finding a Valium Detox in Mercer County

People dealing with Valium addiction need professional help. Detox should be carried out at a reputable center where maximum attention and care is guaranteed.

By starting with detox and following their therapist’s post-detox program, a recovering person is less likely to experience a relapse when they go back into the outside world. This is our commitment with NJ Addiction Resources. Residents of Mercer County need not travel miles to access much-needed care. We will recommend Mercer County Valium detox programs that are close to where you reside. Speak with one of our experts to get started. Call our helpline.

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