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Addiction Resource Overview

Drug dependence is a treatable condition and not a moral failure. While everyone faces addiction differently, treatment centers have come to recognize the importance of gender-specific care. The circumstances surrounding chemical dependence and/or mental disorder in women is often more complex than in men. Thus, a special approach to treatment is often necessary.

Angel Hope in Newark, NJ is a halfway house specifically for women who have faced chemical dependency and mental disorder(s). Besides, the house provides a continuum of services to ensure success in maintaining recovery, gaining an education, employment, and housing as they complete treatment.

About Angel Hope House in Newark, NJ

Women in recovery need a nurturing environment to rebuild their lives after confronting chemical dependence. Angel Hope is a halfway house in New Jersey where women in recovery can transition from a fully residential program. Furthermore, it is a safe place for women with co-occurring mental health disorders to ease back into real life. Likewise, the house exists to help women learn how to interact with their community while living in a supportive home. In this way, they are slowly exposed to the stressors of real life but in an environment designed to strengthen them.

Angel Hope halfway house has a comprehensive treatment program that sets a strong foundation for long-term recovery. This includes recreational therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and fun supervised weekend activities. Similarly, specialists at the house help women build the necessary coping strategies for maintaining a healthy happy sober life.

Why Choose Angel Hope Halfway House

As a woman who has successfully beaten chemical dependence, you may feel you are not ready to face life head-on. Angel Hope is worth considering because you will access the needed support to live well again. The facility is DMHAS-licensed. To qualify for a license from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, a facility must meet high standards of care. Thus, you can rest assured that Angel Hope is fully equipped for your recovery needs.

Furthermore, the staff at Angel Hope are specialists in their fields. Thus, you can expect that while you transition to recovery, the staff have the experience and capacity to make your stay comfortable. Angel Hope House staff make their clients a promise – that you will not face your struggles without help.

Besides, a halfway house for women must be a place where they can be vulnerable yet safe. Angel Hope values trust and upholds confidentiality. You will find yourself in a closely knitted community that wants to see you grow. Likewise, you may want to pursue your professional or academic goals. This makes perfect sense since it will help build your sense of fulfillment. Angel Hope offers referral services for your educational and employment pursuits. A past of drugs does not have to limit your potential as a woman.

These opportunities stem from Angel Hope’s belief that when you help a woman, you have helped a generation. Clients who transition from the house proceed to live fulfilling lives despite a background almost marred by drugs. Are you looking for a safe place to transition within New Jersey? Call Angel Hope House in Newark, NJ.

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