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Antonia Maria Foundation Sober Living Homes

Although many women struggle with chemical dependence in New Jersey, few sober living homes operate long-term services for women. Located in North Brunswick, Antonia Maria Foundation is a place where women transition from chemical dependence and abusive relationships to recovery. Generally, Antonia Maria Foundation sober living home offers a unique transitioning experience. By using ancient spiritual healing techniques to supplement the 12 Steps, Antonia Maria Foundation helps women heal from past traumas, practice self-love, and grow. Most importantly, the home strongly believes that every woman’s journey is different. Therefore, the recovery process is designed to be unique and personalized.

About Antonia Maria Foundation

Gracie’s Home in North Brunswick, NJ is the first sober living home built by the Antonia Maria Foundation. Antonia Montalvo, a long-term social worker who overcame substance abuse, mental health, and chronic physical ailments, established the Foundation. Antonia survived physical, mental, and sexual abuse, as well as struggles with body image. Her success motivated her to help at-risk women by eliminating the one-size-fits-all culture in recovery.

The New Jersey Alliance of Recovery Residences certifies Gracie’s Home in North Brunswick, NJ as a Class F cooperative sober living residence. This implies the home is equipped and licensed to meet the physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs of women who attend.

Antonia Maria Foundation is not a typical military-styled sober living home where the staff micromanages your life. Instead, the home is a community of women overcoming chemical dependence and healing from a traumatic past.

Why Choose Gracie’s Home by Antonia Maria Foundation

Women in recovery need a nurturing environment to rebuild their lives after confronting chemical dependence. The core basis of help at Gracie’s Home is spiritual and intuitive healing for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and Mindfulness, clients heal from past traumas and open their hearts to self-acceptance.

Furthermore, recovery specialists organize nightly recovery meetings where clients are encouraged to attend outside 12-Step Meetings. Likewise, during daily in-house meetings, clients expunge uncomfortable feelings in a safe and supportive community.

The Antonia Maria Foundation provides court liaison services for clients with legal issues. Under the guidance of a supervising attorney, clients communicate with the appropriate legal parties. A past of chemical dependence should not hinder your future successes. Thus, recovery specialists assist clients to seek employment. They also provide referrals through networks such as America in Recovery and the National Hire Network.

Interestingly, Antonia Maria Foundation uses accountability as a powerful tool to motivate residents to make healthy changes and maintain sobriety. This is designed to keep recovery specialists abreast of their clients’ recovery progress. Members meet during online weekly check-ins and sobriety meetings to share stories of progress. Clients are also welcome to join on-site in-house meetings and events anytime.

Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Contact Antonia Maria Foundation recovery advocates for more information.

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