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Addiction Resource Overview

The risk of death or other serious health complications is ever-present with substance abuse. Unfortunately, in recent years individuals have become increasingly chemically-dependent. This has resulted in a high rate of mental health disorders linked to cases of addiction. Whatever may be the reason for the spread of this disease of chemical dependence, attempts towards recovery are always encouraged. Therefore, institutions like Avatar Recovery Center in Ringwood, NJ exist to provide rehabilitation.

About Avatar Residential Detox Center

Located 35 miles west of New York City, the Avatar Recovery Center to the recovery needs of individuals from New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. With world-class amenities in a serene environment, the facility aims to keep clients motivated to addiction recovery. Every service provided at Avatar is personalized to the client since every individual has unique treatment needs. Some of these services are detoxification programs, 12-step recovery therapy, dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, and aftercare planning.

Clinicians and therapists at the center are highly trained and proficient in handling addictive behaviors and mental health disorders. These recovery specialists ensure to channel their efforts in providing healthy living for recovering individuals while in the center. Ensuring a stable physical and mental state of clients is the primary focus at Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center.

Why Avatar Recovery Center in Ringwood, NJ

Treatment programs provided by Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center widely vary. Beginning with detox and extending through to outpatient programs, the holistic recovery of clients remains the focus of rehab plans. The detox program chiefly serves to help recovering individuals to stop the compulsive consumption of alcohol and drugs. Typically, abstinence from a substance that the body has become dependent on brings about a series of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary with the individual, type of substance, amount consumed, and the duration of dependence. However, they share one common element, and that is they can be harmful and even lethal if not properly managed. Therefore, clinicians at the center administer medications to control withdrawal symptoms and maintain close monitoring of clients during detox.

Intertwined with detox is a feature at Avatar Recovery Center New Jersey known as specialty addiction therapies. These are conducted to improve recovery through stress management and to effect long-term sobriety results. Specialty treatments provided include 12-step facilitation, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and animal-assisted therapy. The 12-step facilitation involves interaction with a peer support group such as AA and NA. The goal here is to promote healing by being included in a support group of people recovering from similar addictions. CBT focuses on changing behaviors that are supportive of chemical dependence and teaches coping techniques to combat substance cravings. Animal-assisted therapy serves to build self-confidence in recovering individuals as well as keep them committed to addiction treatment.

More About Avatar Recovery Center

Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both mental health disorders and substance abuse, which co-occur. Holistic recovery requires that both issues are treated together to discourage relapse. Other services like yoga therapy for stress reduction and family therapy, which involves loved ones, are also offered at Avatar Recovery Center in Ringwood, NJ. Furthermore, outpatient programs are available for transitioning individuals. The center accepts major health insurance plans. To verify your insurance coverage or for further inquiries, please use any of the provided helplines.

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