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Addiction Resource Overview

The Blake Recovery Center™ (BRC) is the rehabilitation arm of Carrier Clinic located in Belle Mead, New Jersey. Carrier Clinic is one of the largest, independent, private not-for-profit behavioral health care systems in New Jersey. The Clinic specializes in psychiatric and addiction treatment and is widely renowned for its success. The Blake Recovery Center is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Addiction Services to provide care and support recovery from chemical dependence.

A stable and nurturing environment supervised by recovery specialists is an integral part of long-term recovery. This is because transitioning from chemical dependence to sobriety is a delicate process that is best achieved with professional help. Likewise, maintaining sobriety is a lifetime commitment and you do not have to stress about the journey, as specialists at Blake will help you accomplish this goal.

About Blake Recovery Center

The Blake Recovery Center™ (BRC) is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Addiction Services to provide a supportive recovery environment for men and women of all ages.

The center has both detox and residential treatment programs. The ultimate goal of the detox program is to introduce the recovery process. On the other hand, the residential program will initiate or maintain abstinence as it identifies behaviors that may complicate recovery. The location of Blake Recovery Center makes it perfect for people who desire privacy and premium treatment at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Blake Recovery Center?

The program at Blake Recovery Center uses proven approaches to achieve recovery. This includes individualized treatment plans, which are specific to the medical, emotional, and social needs of each patient. Group and individual counseling are also used to supplement the treatment plan, along with family intervention and medical stabilization.

At Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic, recovery specialists focus on empowering the individual in recovery with self-help skills to maintain sobriety. Patients and their loved ones are also introduced to the principals and traditions of the twelve-step programs. They will participate in a community of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings during and after treatment. The goal of these meetings is to interact with sober peers and celebrate your achievements.

Learn More About Blake Recovery Center in Belle Mead, NJ

Furthermore, the recovery center is built on beautifully landscaped 8,000 square feet of space. This provides individuals in recovery with much-needed privacy as well as a comfortable and therapeutic environment to achieve wellness. More importantly, recovery specialists and staff at Blake Recovery Center respect individual uniqueness and champion dignity in recovery. They understand that you are there to get better and will use their wealth of experience to help you achieve this.

In conclusion, the goal is to provide access to healthy living, restore hope, and improve the quality of life. For years, Blake Recovery Center in Belle Mead, NJ has helped individuals who were formerly dependent on drugs to achieve fulfilling independent lives. The center is equipped, ready, and open to helping you too. Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Call BRC recovery advocates today.

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