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Addiction Resource Overview

BlueCrest Recovery Center was founded on unique principles of addiction treatment. Recovery specialists at BlueCrest integrate evidence-based practices with 12-step principles. The result is a comprehensive program that effectively helps individuals struggling with chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. Also, the facility was built to provide the best opportunity for recovery. Some of the core treatment modalities offered include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and wellness programs such as yoga, music, and art therapy. Clients who seek recovery in a private, safe, and comfortable environment choose BlueCrest Recovery Center.

About BlueCrest Recovery Center in Woodland Park, NJ

BlueCrest Recovery Center in Woodland Park, NJ provides clients with individualized addiction treatment. Among recovery centers in New Jersey, BlueCrest stands out due to its unique approaches to treatment. Recovery specialists at the center build genuine relationships with their clients. This brings out the best in their clinical treatment. These specialists also reinforce clinical treatment with the principles of 12-step recovery. The ultimate goal of the team at BlueCrest is for each client to leave the center with the foundation needed for long-term, meaningful recovery. To date, they have achieved this goal with huge success.

Why Choose BlueCrest Recovery Center

Recovery is more than healing the effects of chemical dependence on the body. It also involves deeper healing of the mind from damages due to co-occurring disorders. Specialists at BlueCrest believe that total recovery occurs when treatment involves healing the mind, body, and spirit.

The clinical team at BlueCrest Recovery Center New Jersey is composed of licensed medical and mental health professionals. Thus, you and your loved ones can rest assured of the highest quality of care. The quality of treatment is also matched with a low client-to-counselor ratio. This ensures that clients receive the personalized therapy and care that they deserve. At the center, clients go through an initial assessment to create a treatment plan of specific therapies suited to their needs.

The clinical team at the recovery center is proficient in providing the most current and reliable treatment modalities. Recovery specialists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to identify the root cause of chemical dependence and replace them with healthy behaviors, emotions, and actions. Likewise, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is used to treat occurring disorders such as depression and mood disorders. This is important to sustain recovery after clients’ stay at the center. However, a clinical approach is not always enough. Thus, BlueCrest supplements its clinical modalities with several body-focused wellness programs like meditation, yoga, exercise, art, and music therapy.

BlueCrest Recovery Center Woodland Park NJ understands that recovery from chemical dependence can be a period of spiritual self-discovery. Thus, treatment is strengthened with spiritual practices and principles to help clients find a sense of purpose. Addiction professionals guide clients to find spiritual healing according to personal beliefs.

Comfort and self-care are key components of the services at BlueCrest. Recovery is conducted in a spacious, comfortable, and well-maintained facility. This is important since privacy and safety is always at the top of clients’ minds during recovery. You too can get the treatment you deserve. Reach out to BlueCrest Recovery Center in Woodland Park, NJ to receive guidance on the next steps.

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