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Addiction Resource Overview

City of Angels NJ is an independent organization committed to providing recovery services to individuals with chemical dependency. All of its programs, including interventions and therapeutic activities, are offered at no cost to the recovering individual. Thus, individuals who have become indigent likely due to the burden of addiction can receive help to become sober again. The facility operates on a core vision to provide the necessary tools to assist people struggling with addiction and their loved ones. The mission objective revolves about providing a safe, substance-free meeting place, referrals, and emotional support for individuals in recovery.

About City of Angels NJ

The organization was founded in January 2009 to be a solution to the addiction plague in Hamilton Township and New Jersey at large. At the facility, hope and support are vital components of the guidance offered to chemically dependent individuals. City of Angels is regarded as the pioneer of all-volunteer community organizations with a no-charge policy for services.

Annually, the organization performs hundreds of interventions and referrals to treatment. City of Angels New Jersey maintains a network with hospitals, treatment centers, and sober living homes. Where needed, individuals are referred to these facilities to further their recovery. The team at City of Angels NJ comprises licensed individuals under a competent board of trustees. The staff participates in awareness presentations that serve to educate the public on the dangers of addiction. They also perform enlightenment programs for youths in schools on the benefits of receiving prompt help through addiction rehabilitation.

Why the City of Angels NJ Treatment Program

City of Angels NJ majorly provides a meeting place for 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). These meetings are crucial to the healing of an individual for many reasons. First, AA and NA meetings teach practical life steps that benefit recovering individuals. Usually, the members at these meetings include people in addiction recovery for varying lengths of time. Those individuals who have maintained sobriety for longer typically offer insights from their struggles with substance abuse. Thus, their life experiences encourage others, especially those who just began the recovery journey.

Another advantage of AA and NA meetings is that they help to build accountability for recovery. Belonging to a group where others have succeeded at being sober for years serves as an incentive to remain in rehab for those just starting. Also, knowing that regaining one’s life is possible and having peers who offer support can help facilitate healing in many ways. Moreover, these meetings allow individuals to forge new and healthy bonds. In many chemical dependency cases, wrong or harmful relationships can be identified as a cause for substance use. At these AA and NA meetings, individuals realize the benefit of a different and safe association that promotes sobriety rather than substance use.

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