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Addiction Resource Overview

Keeping sound mental and emotional health is highly essential for adults but even more so for children. When youths begin to struggle with their mental health, manifesting as behavioral problems, care must immediately be administered. Many adolescents go through depression, suffer bullying in schools, or cope with anxiety by themselves. Sometimes, mental ill-health or emotional imbalance results from trauma or even substance abuse. However, therapy and proper counseling can help these youths regain mental and emotional balance. Therefore, facilities like Cooperative Counseling Services offer extensive mental and emotional health care to promote recovery.

More About Cooperative Counseling Services

Cooperative Counseling Services is a child and adolescent behavioral health care facility. The center was founded in 2005 by Leslie Moorman to help children reach their full potentials and accomplish self-developed goals. Leslie serves as the clinical director with a professional record revealing a decade of working in the Children’s Behavioral Health Services. She also bears experience from managing the Child/Adolescent Partial Hospital and Therapeutic Nursery Programs.

Since its establishment, Cooperative Counseling Services has expanded to include two other locations within New Jersey to serve more children and families. The other members of staff are highly trained and experienced individuals in their respective fields. Several have held previous positions in caring for adolescents and children through therapy or counseling. The welfare of children and their families is foremost in the programs provided by these specialists at the center.

Cooperative Counseling Services in Mountainside, NJ

Programs at Cooperative Counseling Services in Mountainside, NJ are chiefly categorized as intensive in-community services and outpatient services. The intensive in-community service is designed to help youths out of psychiatric hospitalization or out-of-home care. This service care aims to provide clinical intervention and support to children in their homes and communities. Clinical therapists join youths and their families to build personal recovery goals and work to achieve them. Treatment techniques utilized by specialists include grief counseling, dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy.

In the outpatient program, programming occurs in the afternoons and evenings. Sessions can be individual, group, or family. Individual sessions allow these youths to relax as they undergo therapy since therapy denotes vulnerability if healing must occur. Group sessions build accountability amongst children in recovery and also help them forge new, healthy relationships. Family sessions seek to enlighten the primary caretakers on proper ways to provide support for recovery. Children and adolescents struggling with bullying, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse can significantly benefit from this outpatient program. Cooperative Counseling Services also provides these services in Spanish and Portuguese to bridge cultural diversity and include non-English speakers.

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Cooperative Counseling Services in Mountainside, New Jersey, also provide addiction intervention services and medication management education. Certain medications if improperly administered, may lead to substance abuse which complicates the already existing issue. Medication management will help to avoid this problem. Interventions become necessary when the youth manifests irregularity in behavior but refuses to undergo treatment. With intervention, the young child is exposed to the dangers of mental ill-health if left untreated and the love and support of families. Usually, this leads to a turnabout willingness to undergo therapy to recover safely. Several other programs are available at the center. To find out more about the services offered or if you would like to sign up for treatment, please contact a recovery advocate today.

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