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Addiction Resource Overview

Getting treatment for addiction is typically challenging but it is worth the commitment. One of the things many people worry about is that they have to leave responsibilities or place their academics on hold. The Hunterdon Center in Flemington allows chemically dependent individuals to get quality care through intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient counseling. The center is the right fit for New Jersey residents seeking to maintain lasting sobriety without letting go of other life responsibilities.

About Daytop in Flemington, New Jersey

Despite being a small borough in Hunterdon County, the 4,500 residents in Flemington are not isolated from the drug epidemic that plagues the rest of New Jersey. The Hunterdon center is part of a forty-year legacy in helping people achieve and maintain sobriety. The services at Daytop Hunterdon is focused on adolescents and adults, as their struggle with drugs is particularly unique. Thus, by providing treatment with only evidence-based strategies, Daytop Hunterdon has had a long and successful history.

Ultimately, the mission of the Hunterdon Center is to restore hope and improve the quality of life. During the program, you or your loved one will receive support and education on substance use, healthy coping strategies, protecting mental health, and overall wellbeing.

Outpatient Program at Daytop Hunterdon in Flemington, NJ

Usually, an individual completes the first phase of treatment in a residential facility. Then, they transition to an outpatient treatment phase. There are several benefits to choosing the Daytop outpatient program in Flemington, NJ. The prime reason is that everyone has unique struggles with chemical dependence but addiction in adolescents and adults is quite different. Being in an impressionable and tumultuous phase of life, adolescents are more predisposed to experimenting with recreational drugs. And while they do not plan on getting addicted, chemical dependence results in behavioral and physical changes. If help is unavailable, this may truncate an otherwise bright future and cause pain to their loved ones. Thus, the program at Hunterdon is designed to help them navigate and achieve a future without drugs.

Likewise, adults have their unique struggles in a phase that comes just after adolescence. Thus, many adults slip into depression and substance abuse as a coping method for a life that they have not been prepared for. Recovery advocates at Daytop Hunterdon understand this. They have had years of experience in helping adults find meaning and put drugs behind them.

The intensive outpatient program incorporates medication-assisted therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients achieve sobriety. Likewise, the traditional outpatient counseling sessions focus on internal conflict resolution, anger management, and other concerns.

Furthermore, a major advantage is that individuals in recovery can apply the lessons they have learned immediately. While residential treatment prepares one for real life, it cannot replace hands-on practical learning. During sessions, they can share their challenges and observations with an addiction specialist who monitors their progress. Most importantly, the addiction specialist can modify their personalized treatment to suit their needs.

Everyone who needs treatment should be able to access it. Daytop staff at the Flemington facility is adept at providing compassionate care in one of the best outpatient programs in Hunterdon County. Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Call the helplines to speak with a Daytop Flemington NJ recovery advocate today.

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