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Addiction Resource Overview

Reports on the current opioid crisis in New Jersey are everywhere on print and digital media. Likewise, several articles, radio, and television news cover how New Jersey has become a hotspot for substance use disorder. Yet, even as people seek help, coverage often focuses on the individuals who continue to struggle with active chemical dependence.

The missing part of this narrative is that there is hope for substance use disorder. Just like diabetes or high blood pressure, substance addiction is a disease that can be treated. Daytop is among the treatment centers in New Jersey that have been filling the gap in this narrative. For decades, specialists at Daytop NJ have been helping residents achieve and maintain sobriety.

About Daytop in Manahawkin, NJ

Daytop has been providing care and substance use disorder treatment for almost four decades. The center’s services extend to adolescents, adults, and their families throughout the recovery process. Likewise, Daytop Manahawkin strongly uses evidence-based strategies to provide treatment. This is why they have an enviable record in treatment for chemical dependence.

The mission of Daytop in Manahawkin, NJ lies in restoring hope and improving the quality of life. They achieve this by promoting resilience, giving support and education for substance use, mental health, and overall wellness.

Get Sober in Daytop New Jersey

There are several reasons to choose Daytop New Jersey. From their approach to services provided, you will find that the center offers a complete program. Daytop is a strong advocate for evidence-based strategies for treating substance use disorder. By continually assessing, redesigning, and improving treatment plans, they have become known for treatment that works.

Daytop offers a full continuum of care to everyone regardless of age, gender, or location in New Jersey. It has different centers specifically for adolescents, young adults, men, and women who struggle with chemical dependence in New Jersey. Daytop Manahawkin NJ is also affiliated with other healthcare providers to provide more holistic care.

At Daytop, treatment is individualized to tackle substance use and other co-occurring problems. Also, conflict resolution, anger management, and other emotional concerns are addressed during treatment. This way, individuals who complete treatment at Daytop can use the skills they have acquired to sustain sobriety.

Besides, the center provides care for families struggling with the effects of drugs. There is access to a continuum of services such as residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and recovery-based day school for sixth to ninth graders who struggle with drugs. Services also extend to a halfway house for adult women who need a safe place to transition from treatment to real life.

Learn More About Daytop NJ

Daytop believes everyone who needs treatment should be able to access it. Their staff is adept at recognizing needs and providing compassionate care. Clients leave Daytop NJ whole and they go on to live a fulfilling life. Many go on to college and achieve their professional aspirations despite a background almost marred by drugs.

Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Contact Daytop in New Jersey for more information.

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