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Addiction Resource Overview

Discovery Institute has been helping New Jersey residents beat addiction for over five decades. As a legacy rehab institute, Discovery NJ is highly recommended for everyone seeking addiction for the first time as well as those who have had relapses but need help getting back on track.

The goal of a treatment center is to employ personalized treatment to help you get your life back. In addition to repairing the effects of addiction, a treatment center is wholly dedicated to your recovery journey and help you stay on it.

With hundreds of programs available in any city, choosing the right treatment program is very challenging. Here, you can get to know Discovery Institute and understand what exactly they do before even committing.

About Discovery Institute in Marlboro, NJ

The culture at Discovery Institute is centered around providing effective treatment to address medical, mental, and spiritual health on the road to recovery. Since an individual’s path to recovery involves jumping several hurdles such as broken relationships, family divide, rebuilding healthy social skills, and taking mental health seriously, Discovery Institute’s goal is to provide wholesome treatment. At the end of rehab, an individual will have experienced a total change in lifestyle that encompasses the re-evaluation of values, attitudes, behavior, and social activities. You will be ready to take on life without resorting to drugs.

Discovery Institute treats the whole person and every aspect of their behavior, belief system, and lifestyle. Individuals are not burdens or just “another case.” They are people seeking to rewrite their life stories. A story that is free of drugs and addiction. Discovery Institute’s investment in this process is evident in the respect and honor with which the team treats patients in the search for growth.

Why choose Discovery Institute?

For decades, the rehab has been providing the highest quality clinical care through evidence-based treatment. The rehab also uses innovative supportive strategies to improve and heal the lives of individuals who seek help at the institute. Understanding that treatment is not just about you, Discovery will not leave you hanging to sort out life after rehab. Although their program is individualized, they also plan for the recovering addict’s family because they are the closest support system after rehab.

Furthermore, the rehab has several treatment programs to achieve the best outcome. This includes detox, which is the bedrock of any treatment, a residential treatment program that encompasses other treatments, and outpatient care to sustain the sobriety that has been achieved.

The bottom line is that Discovery Institute in Marlboro, NJ has carved out a niche for itself in the field of addiction treatment. The portfolio of their team, treatment models and success stories prove this.

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