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Addiction Resource Overview

Endeavor House North is a treatment center located in Kearny, New Jersey. Recovery specialists at the facility have decades of experience helping clients who struggle with drugs and alcohol. The center is dedicated to helping clients rebuild and sustain a healthy and sober life. Endeavor House is licensed by New Jersey, accredited by the Joint Commissions as well as other regulatory bodies. It is also committed to removing financial barriers to treatment as it accepts several insurance plans.

About Endeavor House North in Kearny, NJ

Located in Kearny, Endeavor House understands the uniqueness of every person’s experience with chemical dependence. With over 40 years of experience, the recovery specialists at Endeavor House will help you gain lifelong freedom from addiction. They do this by focusing on your whole health and designing a treatment plan that is unique to you. Treatment at Endeavor House occurs on two fronts. Beyond physical recovery, recovery specialists at Endeavor House New Jersey drug rehab will also help you build a healthy mind through personalized therapy. Apart from personalizing treatment, their recovery specialists do not rush clients through the healing process. Instead, clients take their time to achieve sobriety. By the end of their treatment, recovering clients have everything they need to start a new life with confidence.

Why Choose Endeavor House North

The environment is great! While New Jersey is one of the five cities that never sleep, the recovery center is in a quiet suburb of Kearny, just outside Newark. With this location, the facility provides a haven in the heart of the tristate area. Nevertheless, its location does not make it obscure, as Endeavor House is still easily accessible from New York City, Trenton, and Philadelphia.

For clients undergoing residential treatment, Endeavor House features comfortable shared accommodations, a kitchen, a common room, and an outdoor space. Outpatient clients are not left out as Endeavor House offers a convenient location and a peaceful environment for healing. Similarly, the center is a walking distance from parks, shops, and employment opportunities.

Addiction experts at Endeavor House offer a complete array of treatment programs. Treatment starts with a comprehensive detox program for drug and alcohol addiction. Then, depending on their needs, the client’s transition to a residential program with 24-hour support and supervision from experienced professionals.

It does not end there. Endeavor House North Treatment Center believes that aftercare support is crucial to the long-term success of a newly sober person. This is because it bridges the space between what was learned in treatment and how to apply them in the real world. As clients return home or to their former environments, they may meet people, places, or things that present potential risks of relapse. For these reasons, Endeavor House drug rehab staff uses outpatient counseling to address emotional triggers and stressors to ensure that the success of rehab is sustained. Outpatient counseling at Endeavor House New Jersey is very flexible as it also works for clients who have responsibilities that prevent them from committing to a residential program. Your recovery therapist will design a program that fits your needs and obligations. You will be able to continue your everyday life as you rebuild it.

There is no better time to seek help for your substance struggles than now. To receive guidance on how to go about it, speak to an addiction expert at Endeavor House North.

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