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Addiction Resource Overview

When an individual becomes chemically dependent, it usually becomes difficult and trying. Both the individual and their loved ones face challenges brought on by the addiction. The only solution to such problems is holistic addiction treatment at an accredited facility

Enlightened Solutions Detox is a drug treatment center in the state of New Jersey. The center provides a holistic treatment plan in a serene and comfortable environment to aid recovery. A highly qualified and dedicated team of recovery specialists is always available to administer these treatments and offer ongoing support to ease the recovery process.

About Enlightened Solutions Detox in Atlantic City, NJ

The first thing to note about Enlightened Solutions Detox is the individualized treatment plan drawn up for each client. The treatment plan consists of several treatment modalities, including the 12-step approach for overcoming addiction. Treatment also ranges from a residential to an outpatient program to suit the needs and responsibilities of the recovering individual. For a full program at Enlightened Solutions Detox in New Jersey, the duration could last from weeks to months. This is because there are no two similar addictions and recovery is solely based on the individual. Therefore, treatment programs are designed according to the recovery needs of each client. At the center also, they offer a unique approach to the treatment of every client, which involves an evaluation of the areas of the life of the client and emphasizing treatment on the area that needs it most. This makes for a holistic recovery socially, physically, and psychologically.

Medical detox, involving the use of FDA-approved medications, is the first step in the treatment plan. Although some clients may be inclined to undergo detoxification cold turkey, it is recommended to involve an addiction expert. The reason for this is that the detoxification process could be quite challenging, and coping with the withdrawal symptoms is not always easy. The purpose of detoxification is to rid the body from all accumulated toxins due to the substance. Therefore, it is typical for the client to experience withdrawal symptoms, which range from slight to severe. These FDA-approved drugs serve to buffer the process and alleviate discomfort. From this first step of the Enlightened Solutions Detox through to the end of the treatment program, the recovery specialists are available to supervise and help through the rehabilitation process.

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Aftercare treatment is a crucial part of the Enlightened Solutions Detox in Atlantic City, NJ. This is because even after recovery, it is still commonplace for individuals to go back to depending on the addictive substances. This is known as having a relapse. The way to overcome this possible hurdle is subscribing to a complete aftercare recovery program. At Enlightened Solutions Detox, post-recovery care is paramount on the treatment agenda. Services such as peer support and recovery coaching sessions constitute part of the follow-up and aftercare program as well.

If you are interested in knowing more or ready to commit to a recovery plan? Get more information by reaching out to the team at Enlightened Solutions Detox.

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