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Addiction Resource Overview

The last decade has seen more admissions to addiction treatment centers than any other. In New Jersey alone, heroin overdose rates triple that of the national average. Moreover, the commercialization of alcohol use, mostly from the media, has helped spread alcoholism. Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, or personality disorders have also seen an increase in the number of people diagnosed annually. Therefore, facilities like Excel Treatment Center strive to provide feasible recovery plans that produce valid, lasting results. The center offers residential, partial, and outpatient care for individuals to regain sobriety.

About Excel Treatment Center in Dover, NJ

Excel Treatment Center in Dover, NJ offers an extensive range of clinical, psychiatric, and family support services in personalized programs. Aftercare with the recovery hub and continuing care in sober living homes are also ensured for each individual. The mission at Excel Treatment Center Dover NJ is to provide exceptional care for cases of chemical dependence and mental health disorders. Spotlight is placed on the recovering individual at the center for improved understanding of personal requirements that facilitate holistic recovery.

The Excel Treatment Center NJ staff comprises social workers, nurses, therapists, and professional counselors. Each of these clinicians is fully licensed or board-approved by the medical authority in their fields. Utilizing care and compassion, the staff dedicate themselves to the healing of each client at the center.

Why Consider Excel Treatment Center NJ

Excel Treatment Center in Dover, New Jersey, provides several recovery programs. These include inpatient care, intensive and general outpatient treatment, drug testing, partial hospitalization, assessments/intervention, and family support. Assessments determine the dependence level or severity of mental disorder to formulate the most appropriate care plan for recovery. Not every client requires interventions, but they become necessary for those individuals who are oblivious to their need for rehab help. The center does interventions to explain persistent substance abuse problems and point the road to sober living for these individuals.

The inpatient or residential plan at Excel Addiction Treatment Center is available to clients who need more structured and closely monitored help for recovery. Usually, these individuals are in detox, and medical assistance and supervision can help them cope with withdrawal symptoms. In partial hospitalization, clients attend the facility for treatment around six hours for five days a week. It is similar to inpatient treatment but differs in that clients do not live in the facility but still go back home every day. Partial hospitalization is suitable for individuals with co-occurring addictions or adequate support systems at home, negating the need for constant monitoring.

More About Excel Treatment Center

Both the intensive and general outpatient programs allow higher degrees of flexibility to treatment with shorter programming hours. Intensive outpatient hours are between six to thirty hours weekly spread across six days, while general outpatient may involve as little as one hour a week. In all of these care plans, clients undergo therapy and have counseling sessions with the professional staff at Excel Treatment Center. Therapy may be in a group or on an individual basis, and an example is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Individuals learn to avoid relapse, handle or evade addiction triggers, and maintain sobriety during these sessions.

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