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Drug addiction, primarily opioid dependence, is regarded as a chronic disease of the brain. This is mainly due to how dependent individuals lose control over their need for the substance and compulsively use it. Recent medical research theorizes that the risk of addiction is partly genetic. This theory is founded on how repeated drug use changes the shape and function of brain cells, often resulting in dysfunctional behavior.

With this high potential of threat that drug dependence holds, getting individuals timely treatment becomes paramount. Engaging newer and improved methodologies to promote recovery is the aim of many rehab centers. The Home Outpatient Detox in Berlin, NJ run by Dr. Ggliotti is one such facility that utilizes these new models to bring individuals into sobriety.

About Home Outpatient Detox in Berlin, NJ

The facility is a drug detox center offering outpatient care to individuals. Located in New Jersey, the center caters to residents in Berlin, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Sicklerville, and the environs. Services rendered to clients at the facility are proven safe, effective, flexible, and affordable. For this reason, most insurance networks are accepted at the facility.

Dr. David Gigliotti, the founder, and chief medical officer at Home Outpatient Detox in Berlin, NJ is a renowned physician. He possesses over twenty years of clinical experience, mainly in Family Practice where he started. Due to the rise of the country’s drug abuse epidemic, he went on to be certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine out of concern for the future of chemically-dependent individuals. At present, Dr. Gigliotti passionately serves in Family Practice to manage opiate use disorder in outpatient care. He is also qualified to treat co-occurring conditions that usually emerge with addiction to opioids through a combination of knowledge in Family Practice and Addiction Medicine.

More About Home Outpatient Detox Berlin, New Jersey

Home Outpatient Detox is esteemed as a suitable center for recovery from opiate addiction for several reasons. A major one is the facility’s treatment plan, known as office-based opioid treatment (OBOT). This recovery model uses Suboxone to aid healing from opioid dependence. Individuals are given their first doses during withdrawal when their minds and bodies highly crave an opioid. Since it is also an opioid, Suboxone is used in opiate recovery to help individuals gradually taper off. However, while also effective as a painkiller, Suboxone does not bind as fully to the opioid receptors in the brain as heroin, codeine, and morphine do. This attribute thus makes it beneficial for relieving opioid withdrawal symptoms in monitored doses. Over time, the dosage is reduced until the individual is completely weaned off the substance and can handle their cravings better.

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Dr. Gigliotti Home Outpatient Detox also administers Vivitrol as a monthly intramuscular injection during opioid recovery. Vivitrol is an opiate blocker and can reduce the urges individuals may have to take an opioid. With these two drugs, individuals can hope to attain sobriety and regain a life of normalcy. Furthermore, at Home Outpatient Detox Berlin NJ, dual diagnosis treatment is offered to clients who need it. Dual diagnosis treatment handles mental health issues that arise due to opioid dependence like anxiety and depression. Hence, individuals can heal mentally/emotionally and avoid relapse brought on by co-occurring disorders.

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