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Addiction Resource Overview

Almost everyone who has struggled with chemical dependence reaches the point where they try to quit alone. Without help and after several relapses, most people become tired of untangling an addiction they never intended to develop. Getting professional treatment is the best decision you can make to end chemical dependence and live a healthy life. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your problem, help is near you in Williamstown. Maryville Addiction Treatment Center New Jersey provides withdrawal management services at its residential facility in Williamstown. Clients who commit to the center receive high-quality care during and after recovery at the lowest cost in the tri-state area.

About Maryville Addiction Treatment Center

Maryville Treatment Center Williamstown NJ is a private, nonprofit organization licensed by the State of New Jersey, accredited by CARF, and a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. For 70 years, Maryville has been recognized as a leader in the treatment of chemical dependence and co-occurring disorders. Through a holistic approach, addiction professionals bring hope, health, and healing to every client.

Maryville designs its treatment programs to make recovery possible and sustain the progress achieved. Staff members at the center devote each day to helping people in a serene, natural environment. This makes the full recovery conducive to the mind, body, and spirit. The team also pools expertise, compassion, and commitment to achieve a common goal. Their withdrawal management services focus on removing the dependence on opioids, alcohol, and other addictive substances. Clients who have completed treatment at Maryville consistently express high levels of satisfaction with their programs and services.

Maryville Addiction Treatment Center in Williamstown, NJ

The State of New Jersey accredits Maryville to provide treatment for chemical dependence in New Jersey. This means that the center, its staff, and amenities meet the standard of high-quality treatment in the state. Likewise, as a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, Maryville clients benefit from the latest evidence-based methods. This is important, as you will get a treatment that is designed specifically for you.

Since its establishment, the center has developed a reputation in the provision of comprehensive addiction treatment. Today, the center is recognized as a leader in the addiction treatment and behavioral health industry.

Financing addiction treatment could be expensive and most insurance companies do not help ease this burden. Perhaps the best thing about Maryville is its status as a 501c(3) corporation. This means that the Internal Revenue Service has approved Maryville to provide high-quality addiction treatment at the lowest cost in the tri-state area. Because the center is committed to lifetime sobriety, alumni enjoy free after-care services. Besides, families of individuals in recovery enjoy education services. This helps them heal from the hurt chemical dependence has caused and prepares them to support their loved ones through recovery.

Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Addiction professionals at Maryville Addiction Treatment Center will be waiting to get you started.

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