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Addiction Resource Overview

A stable and nurturing environment is an integral part of recovery, especially for an individual who has just completed residential treatment. And when you are not ready to get back into the hustle of life, a sober living home is just the perfect option. Contrary to what is shown on mainstream media, staying in a sober living house does not make you less of a person. Instead, it is a home for healthy living, where sobriety is strengthened and you learn to take charge of a substance addiction-free life.

Likewise, it is not a military camp. People who live in sober homes are part of a family knitted by the desire to become better. And while they have to follow certain house rules and do chores together, living in this type of environment promotes lasting recovery. This is because it helps people to maintain their sobriety as they transition from rehab to living independently without using drugs or alcohol. Midway House of NJ, also known as Midway House of Rockaway, is one of the premier sober living homes in the area.

About Midway House of NJ in Rockaway

Lack of a stable drug-free environment can be a serious obstacle to sustained abstinence after residential treatment. The Midway House of NJ is a sober living home that seeks to solve this problem in New Jersey. At the house, everyone gets quality care from staff as they transition from residential treatment to the real world. The center, which has homes for both men and women, operates more like a home than clinical halfway houses. Thus, it is perfect for people who want that homely feeling in a nurturing environment.

Why Choose Midway House of NJ

Midway House of NJ in Rockaway is approved by the state of New Jersey and has affordable amenities with no hidden charges. A full-time house manager will be there to foster good living but not to micro-manage your life. Furthermore, you will get to interact with peers during meetings and celebrate your achievements. These sessions will also help you develop coping skills for stress management and relapse prevention.

The house has beautifully landscaped grounds yet it is close enough to access public transportation directly. Staff at Midway House will help you in your search for employment or continuing education from a safe place. The culture at Midway House is to respect individual uniqueness and foster dignity in recovery. At the house, you will diverse individuals who will encourage you by their strengths and abilities. Furthermore, Midway House believes in patience and tolerance. Regardless of the story in your past, you will meet a home of people with family values.

Contact Midway House of Rockaway

Ultimately, the goal is to provide access to healthy living, restore hope, and improve the quality of life. Everyone at the facility is there to grow together. For years, clients who have transitioned to the Midway House of Rockaway have gone on to live fulfilling independent lives. You can too. Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Contact Midway House of NJ recovery advocates today for more information.

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