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Addiction Resource Overview

North Jersey Recovery Center is a full treatment center. Recovery is a journey that does not happen overnight. Those who beat drugs successfully do so with professional help. Moreover, for someone who does not know where to begin, nothing beats having a specialist like North Jersey Recovery Center to help you.

Going to rehab is a big deal. It means you have decided to take back your life from drugs. Whether you are doing so for yourself or a loved one, the recovery process can be challenging. You will need constant support and encouragement so that your passion does not fizzle out.

This is why North Jersey Recovery Center exists. Over the years, the center has developed specialized addiction treatment for a broad range of substances including alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, heroin, and other opiates. Individuals who commit to recovery at the center receive treatment and support that is unique to them.

About North Jersey Recovery Center

In 2018, 52% of all people seeking help for substance addiction were from North Jersey counties. North Jersey Recovery Center recognizes and treats addiction as a multifaceted disease to meet these needs. The facility has made allowance for clients’ physical, mental, and spiritual needs. NJ Recovery Center believes that by addressing each dimension of addiction, lasting freedom from drugs can be achieved.

It offers multiple levels of care to everyone regardless of personal, professional, or educational commitments. The facility operates a partial care program that allows clients to participate in recovery five days per week while receiving utmost clinical and medical addiction care.

Furthermore, its intensive outpatient program is designed to help clients transition from rehab to everyday life through flexible scheduling. Besides, it operates a traditional outpatient addiction treatment where therapy sessions with an addiction professional are scheduled every week.

All of these programs are evidence-based and can be uniquely customized. Besides, treatment incorporates mental healthcare for recovering clients in addition to chemical dependence. Treatment plans are designed to build a solid and lasting foundation for independent sobriety.

Why Choose North Jersey Recovery Center?

The team at North Jersey Recovery Center are advanced care providers in their fields. They are also compassionate about your care. Most people who go for treatment do not know what to expect. This can be a scary experience especially after hearing so many stories. However, everyone faces addiction differently and experts at the center will guide you every step of the way.

When people relapse, they often lose the motivation to continue. Relapse is a very important tool for treatment specialists. If you do relapse, having professional support helps you examine what went wrong and prevents further relapse. It also helps you acquire the necessary skills to keep a job, restore broken relationships, and finish your educational goals.

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