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Substance abuse disorder can affect lives in devastating ways. Nevertheless, even if the situation may seem bleak for chemically-dependent individuals, there is hope for recovery. Complete substance abuse treatment programs can assist the walk to sobriety. In New Jersey, centers like Recovery at the Crossroads in Blackwood, NJ provide such programs.

About Recovery at the Crossroads in Blackwood, NJ

Recovery at the Crossroads is a Jewish rehab center located in southern New Jersey. However, it provides addiction rehabilitation plans to both practicing Jews and the non-Jewish. It also boasts a team of specialists who are empathetic, licensed, and with varying degrees of experience. The clinical director at the center previously served on the New Jersey Alcohol and Drug Certification Board as an Evaluator. She also held the position of a Crisis Counselor for Union County Crisis Center and Director for the Shire Adolescent inpatient facility. Overall, she is skilled in all levels of addiction treatment and is a highly experienced professional. The center also provides amenities and operates a serene environment that boosts recovery. Recovery at the Crossroads aims to support clients in achieving holistic healing through services rendered.

Why You Should Consider Recovery at the Crossroads

Several treatment services are provided at Recovery at the Crossroads in New Jersey. These include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Being a Jewish rehab center, the facility also offers Kosher recovery options. The Kosher addiction treatment plan enables practicing Jews to heal within the solace of their faith and a Jewish community. These clients follow a kosher dietary plan to nourish their bodies during rehabilitation. They also participate in Jewish religious services and activities to improve their walk to sobriety.

The partial hospitalization program or PHP is a slightly flexible treatment option that is just a step down from residential programs. It encompasses treatment activities every day of the week. Clients undergo treatment for the full day but go back home afterward. During PHP, recovering individuals can take up usual obligations, although at a limited rate. It also gives the advantage of helping clients be with their family and loved ones. This allows them to work towards sobriety with a strong support network outside of the center. PHP at Recovery at the Crossroads comprises counseling that helps clients recognize dependence triggers to evade them. Recovering individuals also learn coping skills to help with cravings whilst learning to develop life and social skills for post-treatment.

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The outpatient programs offered at the center are either one of two options: intensive outpatient or general outpatient treatment. The difference lies in the duration of treatment hours. The former involves ten hours of programming per week spread over four or five days while the latter spans only one to three hours weekly. Through therapy, outpatient programs help individuals prevent relapse or recover from one. Clients can also hope to reclaim their lives through work, school, or family management due to the flexibility of outpatient programs.

Recovery at the Crossroads in Blackwood, NJ also provides dual diagnosis treatment to help clients with an already existing mental health disorder. Most insurance plans cover services offered at the center. Do visit the helplines to verify if your insurance plan is listed. To enroll or make further inquiries, contact a recovery advisor now.

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