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Addiction Resource Overview

A family battled chemical dependence together and they won! Following their victory, they decided to build a treatment center to help individuals and their families who face similar challenges. Sobriety Solutions seeks to empower you and your loved ones with the skills, network, and resources to achieve a lasting sober life. As chemical dependence rarely occurs alone, their recovery team also helps clients identify and treat co-occurring disorders. The uniqueness of the services at Sobriety Solutions Sicklerville NJ lies in drawing strength to overcome addiction through the power of family. The center is located in Sicklerville and residents as well as clients from out of New Jersey are welcome.

About Sobriety Solutions of New Jersey

After the first-hand experience with substance abuse and understanding the importance of quality care, a family-founded Sobriety Solutions New Jersey rehab program. The programs at the center are focused on treating chemical dependence as well as co-occurring disorders. The program at Sobriety Solutions is one of a kind because it instills family culture and value into every program. The center understands that everyone’s background with drugs is different. Thus, their recovery specialists deploy treatment approaches that are unique to clients.

Why Choose Sobriety Solutions of New Jersey

Sobriety Solutions in Sicklerville, NJ stays true to its mission of putting clients on a path of lasting recovery. Because of this, their integrated approach uses a variety of therapeutic modalities. These include partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and mindfulness programs. Besides, these therapies are delivered via a team approach. This makes Sobriety Solutions different as the recovering individual, their family, and the center’s clinical team are involved in the recovery process. Past clients laud this team-based approach in helping them reach their pre-treatment goals and objectives.

As a treatment center created by a family, Sobriety Solutions understands that while chemical dependence may affect the client largely, it is still a family disease and recovery is a family process.

Sobriety Solution’s vision is to cultivate personal responsibility, promote healthy behavioral habits, and incentivize recovery. Their recovery specialists achieve this through a variety of treatment techniques for individuals. They also provide individuals with additional services that create opportunities for success in their recovery path.

Likewise, clients and families receive further support in the form of medical services, family therapy, parenting support, job training, and social and legal services. After completing their program at the center, clients are encouraged to stay connected through an alumni program that sustains long-term recovery. Sobriety Solutions NJ understands that finding help for chemical dependence can be costly. They help clients overcome this barrier by accepting a broad range of insurance plans.

Ultimately, the goal of recovery specialists at Sobriety Solutions is to empower you and your loved ones as you overcome the challenges that come with chemical dependence. Let Sobriety Solutions help you discover how rewarding a sober life can be. Addiction specialists at the facility will be glad to get you started.

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