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Addiction Resource Overview

Opioid addiction is a disease for which immediate cure must be sought. Commonly abused opiates include heroin, codeine, and morphine which possess analgesic qualities. Beyond opioids, many Americans also misuse other substances such as alcohol or narcotics like cocaine and marijuana. These usage reports indicate a high state of inebriety among many adults and even teenagers. The best way to curb this substance use wave is through prevention enlightenment and comprehensive recovery treatment. NJ Somerset Treatment Services offer both plans to promote sound mental and physical health among the general population in Somerville.

About Somerset Treatment Services in Somerville, NJ

Somerset Treatment Services was founded in 1970 by the Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the local medical community. It was first established to combat opioid addiction in Somerville and surrounding counties but is currently expanded into other operations. At present, Somerset Treatment Services deliver rehabilitation for substance use disorder and psychiatric issues and prevention and HIV services. The organization is a non-profit that seeks to provide affordable, quality care to help recovering individuals attain sobriety.

The staff at New Jersey Someset Treatment Services are fully trained and experienced in various treatment modalities. These compassionate professionals include physicians, counselors, psychiatrists, and other clinicians committed to transforming the clients’ lives for the better. Also, the care at the facility is personalized to each recovering individual, allowing for optimum comfort and healing of the client.

Programs at Somerset Treatment Center

Treatment services offered at the Somerset Treatment Center involve addiction rehab, specialized services, and prevention services.

Under addiction rehabilitation, clients receive medication-assisted treatment and go through an intensive outpatient plan. Medication-assisted treatment is especially effective for opioid dependence using Suboxone or Methadone. These FDA-approved drugs are used as controlled alternatives to help chemically-dependent individuals safely detox. Since they bind to the same brain receptors as opioids do, they are administered first to clients and then gradually tapered off. In the intensive outpatient program, clients undergo educational and therapeutic counseling both individually and in groups. This program is highly beneficial to those clients who after detox, require in-depth treatment without staying at the facility.

New Jersey Somerset Treatment Services

The specialized services at Somerville Treatment include anger management, relapse prevention, dual diagnosis, and women and family programs. Anger management focuses on understanding effective anger styles, coping with stressors, and relaxation techniques to handle strong feelings. Relapse prevention serves to support individuals out of addiction treatment in remaining sober. Clients learn possible relapse triggers and how to avoid or manage them without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Dual diagnosis is the treatment option for individuals with chemical dependence and mental health issues. Individuals of this program are simultaneously treated for both disorders to maintain complete physical and psychological soundness afterward. Women programs are gender-specific to assist females in recovery heal from sensitive and past traumatic experiences. The family program incorporates counseling sessions for family members so the whole unit can heal from the strain of addiction in a family member.

Prevention services include drug and alcohol screening, especially for adolescents at risk of abuse, interventions, and treatment referrals if necessary. For a full breakdown of program engagement at the center or for further inquiries, please call a recovery advocate for more information about Somerset Treatment Services in Somerville, New Jersey.

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