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Addiction Resource Overview

Summit Oaks Hospital Detox is one of the oldest mental health and substance use treatment centers in New Jersey. The center has been helping residents and visitors come out of chemical dependence since 1902. Regardless of age, gender, or history, the goal is to make a better life for you. With this vision, recovery specialists at Summit Oaks provide quality care for everyone struggling with mental issues and chemical dependence.

Furthermore, Summit Oaks’ highly skilled and certified professionals are dedicated to providing individualized treatment. Likewise, the center demonstrates its zeal for a drug-free country by collaborating with the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. This beautiful partnership aims to strengthen the country’s clinical capacity to prevent suicide and provide innovative care. The Summit Oaks detox program aims to help chemically-dependent individuals and their loved ones experience the joy of meaningful life without drugs.

About the Summit Oaks Hospital Detox in Summit, NJ

Summit Oaks Hospital Drug Detox Program is a mental health and substance use treatment center that offers high-quality care to its clients. The state of New Jersey licensed Summit Oaks just as the Joint Commission accredited the center to provide specialized care. Furthermore, Summit Oaks was recognized in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual review of “Best Hospitals.” Thus, every client receives quality care – as evident in reviews over the years.

The Summit Oaks Hospital Medical Detox in Summit, NJ offers a residential detox program for both newly dependent people as well as those who had relapsed. There is no discrimination or judgment of the past. The ultimate goal of the detox program is to build a solid foundation for recovery. Moreover, the recovery specialists at Summit Oaks are successful in their individualized approach to treatment.

While the detox program at Summit Oaks Hospital is high quality, the center knows that detox is not enough. Thus, they remain committed to their client’s recovery through several outpatient programs. These include the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Evening Substance Use Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Why Choose the Detox Program at Summit Oaks Hospital?

In a world where chemical dependence rarely occurs alone, the drug detox at Summit Oaks Hospital does not stop at just detox. The center also makes provisions to care for the client’s mental health and other co-occurring disorders.

A good detox program must offer individualized treatment. You and your loved ones can rest assured of this at Summit Oaks. For 120 years, Summit Oaks has used proven approaches to achieve recovery in detox. Thus, it is safe to say that the center has a legacy for high-quality care that draws from decades of experience.

Likewise, the recovery specialists at Summit Oaks are trained to recognize and care for recovering client’s specific medical, emotional, and social needs. Thus, these professionals earn and sustain their client’s trust as they help them navigate their most vulnerable period.

Summit Oaks offers free and confidential assessments to anyone struggling with chemical dependence and mental health issues. They do this in a secure, therapeutic, and confidential environment. Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Contact Summit Oaks Hospital Drug Detox in Summit, NJ for more information.

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