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Addiction Resource Overview

According to a study by Harvard Health, over 22 million Americans are currently in recovery from alcohol and other drug use disorders. When left unaddressed, alcoholism and other drug use disorders are costly and dangerous for individuals and their loved ones. Substance addiction impacts anyone linked to a chemically dependent individual both directly and indirectly. Regardless, help is available. While there are several detox programs with the staff and resources available to successfully aid recovery in New Jersey, Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill stands out.

Sunrise Detox is where staff expertise, determination, and a pristine environment help individuals achieve lasting sobriety. The facility provides alcohol and drug detox services to chemically dependent people. Upon completion, clients have established a solid base to continue treatment and achieve lasting sobriety.

About Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill

Sunrise detox is an award-winning medical detox center located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Over the years, the facility has helped more than 45,000 individuals and their families heal from drug addiction. Sunrise Detox provides a safe, comfortable, and effective medically supervised detox as the first step to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Consequently, over 850 treatment centers have trusted Sunrise Detox to provide medical detox for their clients.

Alcohol and drug addiction are devastating. One of the major forms of addiction – alcohol dependence – causes an estimated 100,000 deaths annually. This is the equivalent of an airplane carrying 274 passengers crashing every single day. However, the good news is that there are several effective treatments for substance addiction. These include self-help strategies, psychotherapy, and medication-assisted therapy. They are all part of a rehabilitation program that typically begins with detox. Sunrise Detox provides this solid foundation in its detox program.

Why Choose Sunrise Detox in Cherry Hill, NJ

A chemically dependent individual has to jump many hurdles on the road to recovery. Thus, it is important to go through treatment with only one focus in mind – long-term recovery. These days, many people face the challenges of financing treatment and finding a good detox facility near them, which can be distracting. This is where Sunrise Detox stands out. Their staff members are experienced with working with insurance companies to ensure costs do not stand in way of your treatment. You only need to present your plan for verification and you will be presented with details of the extent of your coverage. Moreover, the Sunrise Detox facility is easily accessible.

Most importantly, people value privacy and discretion while they heal. This is why New Jersey residents trust Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill as the facility operates a “Detox with Dignity” model. Detox has its challenges and committing to detox could be a big deal. Therefore, a program must be equally motivated and eager to help you. Since your challenges during detox are unique, the need for professional support to overcome substance addiction cannot be overemphasized. Contact Sunrise Detox in New Jersey for more details.

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