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Sunrise Detox operates as a detoxification facility for substance misuse treatment with New Jersey and New York locations. The center strongly believes in providing unequaled medical detox to help individuals attain sobriety. When an individual undertakes treatment for chemical dependence, two primary factors are necessary to provide a recovery that lasts. These components are client comfort and the employment of focused and safe clinical procedures. Sunrise Detox meets this standard through its infallible medical detox plan for drug and alcohol addictions.


About the Sunrise Detox Stirling Center, New Jersey

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Commissions licenses Sunrise Detox. The facility is also in partnership with several health insurance providers. Furthermore, transport arrangements are made for out-of-town clients to bring them for treatment through air or road. Such client-focused approaches at the center reinforce individuals’ commitment to detoxing at the facility.

Staff at the center, comprising clinicians and administrators, treat clients with respect and are always willing to help. Staff members are skilled in their respective fields and licensed to offer detoxification help. At the end of the detox, discharge planners help to recover individuals decide on the next step. If recovery is to be sustained, it is recommended that these individuals move into residential or outpatient rehab. Sunrise Detox maintains a reliable network with surrounding treatment centers and may refer clients as necessary for continuing care.

Sunrise Detox Center Offers Private Rooms To Individuals During Treatment

In line with its mission to provide a safe atmosphere for recovery, Sunrise Detox offers private and semi-private rooms to individuals during treatment. Other amenities provided include an enclosed courtyard, cozy lounge areas with high-definition televisions and digital cable, and a fully-furnished dining area. At the facility, buprenorphine is the most utilized agent for managing opiate and alcohol withdrawal. However, individual protocols may be established based on a client’s needs.


Why Choose Sunrise Detox Stirling Center, NJ?

The facility provides one of the core levels of help a chemically-dependent individual requires to become and stay sober. The first level is recognizing addiction as a problem, both for the individual and their loved ones. In many cases, an intervention may be needed at this point. The second level is detoxification. The primary aim of detox is to help individuals move past dependence to living independent of chemical intoxication. Detox helps to rid the body of the substance, whether alcohol or drugs, to help the body regain equilibrium lost during addiction.

For this stage, Sunrise Detox provides medically-assisted detoxification, which uses FDA-approved medications to handle withdrawal. Recovering individuals are also put under 24/7 medical monitoring to watch for any adverse symptoms and immediately offer help. Consequently, medical detox is recommended over cold-turkey for its lasting results and validity in achieving a sober life. Moreover, clients undergo therapy and counseling during this period to help their minds heal from the strain of dependence as well.

Get Sober in Sunrise Detox Stirling Center, New Jersey

The other levels of addiction rehabilitation help are the inpatient and outpatient recovery programs as well as aftercare. Both plans ensure to produce accountability in recovering individuals and reenter society as they regain their lives.

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