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Addiction Resource Overview

Sunrise Detox in Toms River, NJ is an award-winning 38-bed drug and alcohol detoxification facility. Recovery from chemical dependence hinges upon several treatment programs, with detox being a primary and preliminary step. Detox will help individuals to regain equilibrium and gradually but surely gain freedom from substance misuse disorder. Accordingly, for an addiction rehabilitation plan to indeed be successful, comfortable yet intensive detoxification is paramount. Sunrise Detox aims to provide such quality service through its effective detox plan.

More About Sunrise Detox Toms River NJ

Sunrise Detox offers intensive inpatient detox programs for both alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Clients may reside in the center for treatment for as little as three days or up to two weeks. The length of stay of individuals depends on their medical status, type of substance misused, and the period of dependence before seeking treatment. After their stay at Sunrise Detox in Toms River, NJ, recovering patients typically move into new jersey rehab centers to regain sobriety for the remainder of their recovery effort.

Sunrise Detox in Toms River, New Jersey, possesses a Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for delivering premium quality care to clients. The Gold Seal is the highest level of professional and clinical recognition available for substance treatment facilities. This commendation thus reflects the dedication and skill of the staff at Sunrise Detox Toms River NJ. The founder and medical director at the center is a medically-supported detox expert. Other full-time professionals include 24-hour nursing support and charismatic counselors who run daily group meetings for recovering individuals. These specialists have contributed to the over 17,000 successful detoxes so far through their compassionate yet efficient work.

Going to Sunrise Detox in Toms River, New Jersey

The facility has a primary objective to provide a motivational, positive, and medically comfortable experience for all clients. This goal is demonstrated in the detailed detox plans broadly divided into alcohol detoxification and detox for drugs.

The alcohol detox plan is further broken into three levels, dependent on the frequency and period of alcoholism. The 3-day alcohol detox program is for light drinkers of alcohol and younger and fit individuals. This set of clients do not have compounding issues like drug abuse, physical illnesses, or co-occurring mental disorders. Individuals who have used alcohol heavily for long periods are put in the 5-day alcohol detox. These persons are also free from drug abuse and co-occurring addictions. The third level of alcohol detox is the 7-10 days plan in which the individual is diagnosed with drug dependence. Medical management is necessary at this level to avoid complications in treatment.

Contact Sunrise Detox Toms River in NJ

At Sunrise Detox Toms River NJ, recovering individuals receive medical assistance during drug detoxification. The substance involved could be prescription medication, heroin, or other painkillers. Clients receive aid from the clinical team 24/7, as their safety and comfort remain the center’s focus. Suppose an individual requires medication for a pre-existing illness or to help with withdrawal. In that case, the onsite pharmacy will handle the administration of such medicines.

Moreover, Sunrise Detox in Toms River, NJ accepts several health insurance plans as well as self-pay. Insurance experts at the center help to verify the insurance statuses and options of clients. The self-pay option is commonly utilized by individuals who seek prompt admission into the facility. For further inquiries or details, please reach the helpdesk using any of the given detox helplines.

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