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Addiction Resource Overview

General society typically considers men to be strong, unyielding characters who rarely have difficult times. If at all they do, it is assumed that it is an easy feat for them to bounce back from it. However, the truth is that all humans can become broken from a disorder like chemical dependence and recovery is no joyride. Still, many men are unaware of this and try to go through this challenge solo and by sheer will. As valuable as determination may be to recover from substance abuse disorder, external help from skilled specialists is also pertinent. Teen Challenge NJ helps to address substance addiction in men through numerous support programs. Available therapies help chemically dependent men to recover without prejudice. A robust spiritual direction is also incorporated into recovery for residents to attain holistic healing.

About Teen Challenge in New Jersey

The Teen Challenge NJ rehab center located in Lebanon, New Jersey provides a haven for alcohol and drug rehabilitation to chemically dependent male adults. The center sits on 88 acres of land in a serene environment that sponsors self-reflection, meditation, and change. Also, treatment programs at the center are funded by private donations, although families of recovering individuals may make supporting contributions. Getting a loved one into the recovery program at Teen Challenge in New Jersey is a straightforward process. However, this individual must be willing to receive help for treatments to commence.

Recovery staff at the center are highly dedicated to the recovery of admitted individuals. The President/CEO especially is experienced in clinical counseling and life coaching. He has also established campaigns to eradicate the spread of addiction and to enlighten individuals on the disorder properly. Passion, productivity, persistence, positivity, and professionalism are core values upheld at the center. State-of-the-art amenities are also provided to boost the stay of individuals during the recovery program.

Why You Should Consider Teen Challenge NJ

Teen Challenge New Jersey offers an environment for chemically dependent men to achieve sobriety. Through its recovery program, residents can address underlying issues and circumstances that inevitably lead to substance use. Counseling from the compassionate staff at the center helps residents recognize addiction as a symptom of these issues. Thus, they can face the root cause of the problem to overcome chemical dependence completely. In the facility, a Biblical approach is taken to encourage recovery and to promote living full and productive lives. By forming or rebuilding a relationship with God, residents can experience the life-changing love of Christ that brings holistic recovery.

The recovery program at the center may last anywhere from 12 to 15 months. Ensuring that residents come out of the center truly sober and empowered to live productively is the focus. Nevertheless, individuals who require it may also undergo the option of an additional 6-month restoration program. Overall, the priority at Teens Challenge New Jersey is to help residents develop confidence, character, and integrity for lasting change.

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