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Addiction Resource Overview

Not every individual dependent on alcohol and drugs needs restrictive treatment. In some instances, family or work responsibilities may become constraints to receiving full treatment for a holistic recovery. Toms River Counseling Center addresses this challenge. They do this by providing comprehensive and flexible treatment programs to clients, with complete recovery the priority.

About the Counseling Center in Toms River, NJ

The Counseling Center functions as an umbrella entity to several addiction treatment centers located in New Jersey and New York. There are nine areas in New Jersey where the Counseling Center is located, including the Counseling Center at Toms River, New Jersey. At this facility, the client is put first and recovery plans are personalized to the unique status of recovering individuals. The center also boasts a team of highly experienced specialists in the field of addiction treatment. The counselors are empathetic individuals who are enthusiastic about aiding full recovery from chemical dependence at the Counseling Center at Toms River.

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Toms River Counseling Center provides outpatient treatment services. Addiction and mental/behavioral health issues are handled with intensive recovery programs. Treatment options are available to both adolescents and adults. Based on the initial assessment for examining addiction status, only certain individuals are recommended for an outpatient program. These individuals are typically those with uncompromising personal responsibilities, or those transitioning from a more restrictive treatment plan. Treatment in the outpatient program consists of group and individual therapies. The focus is to aid recovering individuals to build strong support networks and continue rehab training during recovery. Rehab training includes focused coaching on relapse prevention and stress management.

The Counseling Center at Toms River also offers intensive outpatient services. The Counseling Center at Toms River NJ is fit for clients who do not require detox or live close by the center. It begins with an initial assessment for a thorough biopsychosocial evaluation of the recovering individual. After this, clients are treated based on the 12-step principle. During the intensive outpatient program, recovering individuals are equipped with the necessary skills and tools that promote sober living. The minimum age for adolescent participation is 14 years (between 8th through 12th grades). Counselors, the clinical team, and family members work closely together with adolescent clients during treatment.

Dual diagnosis, also called co-occurring addiction treatment, is another feature at Toms River Counseling Center. It is the healing plan that addresses the incidence of a mental or behavioral health condition together with chemical dependence. Such conditions include depression and anxiety issues, or even personality disorders. Due to the sensitivity regarding co-occurring addictions, recovery specialists take extreme care from a compassionate standpoint in the treatment. Both the addiction and mental issues must be treated together to greatly minimize the risk of relapse, thereby securing sobriety.

All programs provided at the Counseling Center in Toms River, NJ subscribe to standards set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. This means that treatment plans are evidence-based and bound to be effective. To begin your flexible treatment program, contact a recovery advocate around the clock for confidential help.

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