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About The Milestone House Sober Living

Since 2002, The Milestone House has been passionate and committed to helping people struggling with chemical dependence sustain sobriety. Residents live with a healthy community of peers who support one through recovery. Apart from being equipped with the amenities and comfort that gives a homely feeling, the energy of your recovery environment is priceless. Besides, The Milestone House is committed to the sustained sobriety of recovering individuals even beyond their stay. Staff will follow up and regularly invite them to on-site workshops and 12-steps meetings. The ultimate goal is to encourage the healthy expression of clients’ mind, spirit, and body.

The Milestone House in Dover, NJ

Located in Dover, The Milestone House is a halfway house founded in 2002. For nearly two decades, the house has demonstrated its passion for helping people transition from chemical dependence to a sober life. The New Jersey Alliance of Recovery Residence accredits the house to provide high-quality services to clients. At present, there are three facilities located in New Jersey.

The Milestone House in Dover, NJ is a community of peers who live together and support one another’s growth in recovery. Generally, the house accepts new residents who have completed some level of inpatient stabilization before entering the community. Residents at the house live real life as responsible adults, away from former associations that enable drug abuse.

Why Choose The Milestone House Sober Living

The Milestone House Sober Living allows residents to transform their lives in a supportive and friendly environment.  The facility is open to men and women who are over 18 years of age. There is no discrimination of clients’ past or beliefs. The sole goal is to transition from chemical dependence to a drug-free fulfilling life. Most residents at the house have multiple years of recovery. This is the essence of the transformative experience at the house because new residents will meet peers equally committed to their sobriety goals.

The Milestone House offers many amenities and comforts that give residents a homely experience. Some of these include a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, library, cable TV, private parking space, high-speed internet, and gas barbecue. Moreover, what is truly priceless at the house is the energy of your recovery environment. The Milestone House fosters a spirit of love, tolerance, helpfulness, serenity, and usefulness.

Apart from making your stay very comfortable, the house organizes peer recovery group meetings (both gender-specific and co-ed), spiritual workshops and studies, art, and music events. Likewise, after your stay at the house staff will follow up and regularly invite you to on-site, solution-based meetings, workshops, and 12-steps meetings. Through these activities, The Milestone House encourages the healthy expression of the client’s mind, spirit, and body.

Most importantly, the Milestone House in Dover, NJ helps residents in finding employment or continuing education. A past of chemical dependence is not a life sentence to unhappiness. Are you ready to take the next step in recovery?

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