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Addiction Resource Overview

Turning Point NJ is a model treatment center that has been helping residents of New Jersey restore lives wrecked by drugs for almost fifty years. The center is built on respect and compassion for the struggles and stigma people struggling with drugs face and helping them turn a life of drugs around – a step at a time.

Highly recommended by people who have recovered at the facility and their loved ones, the center provides comprehensive treatment for everyone regardless of background, age, or gender. They have also taken measures to make sure that treatment is as affordable as it is the best fit. Turning Point Treatment Center is for everyone.

About Turning Point in New Jersey

Turning Point Treatment Center lives up to the name. The addiction treatment center is committed to making a real difference in the lives of everyone who comes to them for professional help. The center is unique in that they have a twofold goal for treatment. While helping people cope with drug and alcohol addictions and restore hopes truncated by drugs for both the recovering addict and their loved ones, they also help develop necessary coping mechanisms. Not only is having a personalized handle on managing the difficulties and daily challenges of life without drugs important, but it also ensures that sobriety is sustained and the risk of relapse is minimal.

Furthermore, the treatment center uses a comprehensive assessment to design an individualized treatment plan. The care plan customized to the recovering addict’s needs and continually reevaluated to provide optimized care. The programs offered include detox, which is the foundation of any treatment, residential treatment programs that encompasses other treatments, as well as outpatient care to sustain the sobriety that has been achieved.

Why Choose Turning Point Rehab?

Turning Point did not become a model for addiction treatment overnight. The center began as a small residential program in Cedar Grove about 5 decades ago. Since then, the center has grown. The golden purpose of Turning Point NJ, which is the desire to remain respectful in providing treatment for each individual with dignity and compassion, has not changed in 50 years.

The treatment center helps individuals struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, and the co-occurring disorders that result from the effects of drugs. Most of all, they seek to reduce the stigma associated with seeking treatment for addiction and mental illness and this is evident in the respect and attention recovering addicts receive during their treatment.

If you or a loved one is looking to recover and rebuild a drug-free life in a supportive treatment environment where you will benefit from structured routines and individual care plans, choose Turning Point in New Jersey and contact us for more information.

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