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Addiction Resource Overview

Outpatient services are essential during addiction rehabilitation. The purpose of this is to enable individuals to transition from residential treatment into normal daily living safely. Addiction centers like Victory Bay Recovery Center offer this less restrictive treatment structure to help individuals progress through recovery.

Facts About Victory Bay Recovery Center in Laurel Springs, NJ

Located in southern New Jersey is the alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, Victory Bay Recovery Center. The facility provides outpatient treatment services for treating chemical dependence and co-occurring addictions. It is also a fully accredited rehab center by several boards, companies, and organizations, including the Joint Action Company (JAC). The center operates a full continuum of care employing both evidence-based and medication-assisted addiction treatments.

Another point of note at Victory Bay Recovery Center in Laurel Springs, NJ is the treatment staff being recovering addicts themselves. Thus, they can provide aid from the point of understanding based on mutual respect. Clients are also encouraged to partake in 12-step programs to ensure a holistic recovery. If clients have particular needs, the center cannot meet, they will be referred to community resources that can help instead. This is one remarkable quality of Victory Bay, where there is a vital aim to help recovering individuals in New Jersey.

Why Choose Victory Bay Recovery Center?

The Admissions Department at Victory Bay Recovery in Laurel Springs, NJ handles all incoming new clients. There, prospective clients are evaluated to determine if they are a fit for programs at the center. Once this is confirmed, they are immediately admitted for a complete recovery plan. The addiction rehab services offered at Victory Bay are categorized into intensive outpatient and general outpatient services. Both ensure clients receive full conditioning even while going about daily routines and performing usual responsibilities. The center also offers optional gender-specific treatment groups and recovery plans for older adults (over the age of 27) to ensure that clients feel comfortable during treatment. If recovering individuals are necessitated to travel during treatment, the center can provide a sobriety escort at a fee. This escort will help to keep the individual accountable whilst providing help for recovery outside the facility. Additional services offered at Victory Bay include insurance verification, family support meetings, private consultations, and intervention planning. Furthermore, clients can choose to reside in the Victory Bay sober living homes or go home after treatment daily.

Victory Bay Recovery Center in New Jersey offers a wide range of therapy and counseling to help recovering individuals. These include amongst several, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and motivational interviewing. Treatment aims to equip individuals with coping skills to combat cravings, eliminating panic resultant from trauma, and help them make sober life decisions afterward. Victory Bay also offers dual diagnosis treatment. This focuses on helping individuals who struggle with both substance abuse and mental health disorders. In many cases, the mental health issue and chemical dependence are interdependent. As such, both conditions must be treated together for a complete recovery and to discourage relapse.

To know more about treatment programs and operational activities at Victory Bay Recovery Center, contact a recovery advocate on any of the helplines provided.

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