South NJ Crack Cocaine Treatment

It is estimated that more than 9 million Americans will use crack cocaine in their lifetime. Being several times cheaper and more potent than cocaine, crack is very desirable to chemically dependent individuals.

According to data from the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, counties in South NJ accounted for 40.1% of all crack treatments in 2018. In all of New Jersey, Camden County had the second-highest admissions at 485 individuals.

Residents of South NJ are struggling with crack cocaine but very few are seeking help. The good news is that while crack cocaine addiction is typically hard to treat, recovery is possible. Learn how specialists help chemically dependent people in South NJ Crack Cocaine Treatment Programs.

South NJ Crack Cocaine Treatment

How Does Crack Cocaine Treatment Work?

Crack cocaine is highly addictive and a person can become hooked from the first use. The name “crack” comes from the crackling noise made when it is smoked. Smoking causes the vaporization of freebase cocaine, which is inhaled. This causes faster absorption and produces a very powerful high. Upon smoking, crack cocaine triggers a massive dopamine rush in the brain. This euphoria lasts only for a short time before it wears off thereby causing the individual to reuse several times just to sustain the euphoria. With repeated use, alteration of the brain chemistry becomes so severe that a user can no longer function normally without the drug. This also puts the individual at the risk of a potentially fatal overdose.

It is very hard to overcome crack cocaine addiction, especially, without professional help. Treatment for crack cocaine addiction is quite complex but experienced treatment specialists can successfully help chemically dependent individuals. Treatment is highly personalized, as there is currently no drug recommended for medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Thus, specialists deploy treatment approaches after an assessment and continually modify it.

Crack cocaine treatments typically start with detox to remove traces of the drug from the body. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms that accompany crack can be very intense but you will not be alone. During treatment, you will get support from therapists as well as a community of people who have beaten crack cocaine. They understand your struggles and they will be there to encourage you. South NJ crack cocaine treatment is a residential program where you can recover without temptations and build the skills to remain sober when you return to a new life. The duration is also person-specific. There is no rush. The goal is to have lasting sobriety.

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More than 900,000 Americans seek treatment for crack cocaine every year. Many often try to quit on their own. This has very little chance of success and relapse could be fatal.

We understand the unique struggle of crack cocaine addiction. Based on this, we are fully committed to getting you the best help available. NJ Addiction Resources is connected with treatment centers in South Jersey. We can help you find the best no matter where you are. We know you have questions and are prepared to answer them. Call us now.

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