What are the Causes of Addiction to Drugs?

Drug abuse is an agelong, universal problem. Whether in the United States or globally, it is common among young people and older adults. The motivations to indulge in drug use are as numerous as the drug options available to gratify them. The drugs feeding the nation’s drug use challenge include marijuana, opioids, cocaine, methamphetamines, and benzodiazepines. Although the rewards derived from these drugs vary widely, the most popular ones are pain relief, alertness, excitement, and calmness.

What are the Causes of Addiction to Drugs?

The Causes of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction, just like other types of addiction, results from complex alterations in the brain. To become addicted, one must have consumed a drug in quantities large enough or over duration long enough to elicit these alterations. However, there are exceptions. For example, certain drugs can trigger addiction from short-term use. Drugs in this category include the highly addictive heroin, which has been linked to severe withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Additionally, people can respond differently to drug use due to their genetic makeup. This underlying genetic factor may predispose some individuals to more sudden or severe addictions when they use drugs.

Why Addicted People Shun Recovery Programs

Enrolling in addiction treatment is the most crucial step in overcoming drug use and addiction. However, despite the several addiction treatment centers the United States boasts of, many drug-dependent people still avoid seeking professional help. The reasons for this indifference to or avoidance of recovery programs are quite diverse and may include fear of societal stigma, distrust in addiction treatment, and inadequate funding. Understanding how restrictive these factors can be on addicted people, NJ Addiction Resources has made appropriate provisions to help you and your loved ones bypass them seamlessly.

Finding Help for Drug Abuse and Addiction in Professional Rehab

The enthusiastic team at NJ Addiction Resources has a knack for helping drug-addicted individuals find sobriety. With the robust support system we provide, your drug abstinence journey is simplified. Our Addiction Advocates take a keen interest in listening to clients talk about their plights or challenges. But they do not stop at just being great listeners. They also support clients to overcome these challenges, even if it means going the extra mile.

The rehabilitation centers in our network are renowned for their personalized approach to addiction treatment that incorporates multiple modalities. Among these modalities are comprehensive behavioral therapies and the gold-standard medication-assisted therapy for drug detox. In addition, dual diagnosis, which treats drug addiction alongside co-occurring psychological disorders, is also a crucial component of the treatment programs developed at these centers.

Start Healing From Drug Dependence at New Jersey Addiction Resources

We know how well-addicted people benefit from enrolling in programs subsidized by their health insurance covers. Thus, it is not a coincidence that most of the programs we recommend accept various health insurance schemes available in the United States. Apart from offering financial relief, these programs also create platforms for addicted individuals to forge mutual relationships void of discrimination among themselves.

We know you want to cut ties with your addiction and are here to ease the entire process. So kindly book an appointment with us today to speak with a Recovery Advocate.

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