What Does 200mg of Modafinil Do?

Most drugs misused in the United States, particularly prescription medications, serve various beneficial purposes. Among these drugs are opioids, methamphetamines, and benzodiazepines. These medications are widely used by both old and young to manage anxiety disorders, stress episodes, and insomnia and relieve pain.

However, these results are enjoyed only at prescribed dosages. When overdosed on, unfavorable outcomes tag alongside the use of these drugs. Expected consequences of drug overuse include irregular heartbeats, diarrhea, vision problems, organ dysfunction, and death in a few cases.

What Does 200mg of Modafinil Do?

More About Modafinil

Modafinil does belong to a popular drug class, but it is a commonly misused prescription medication in the United States. The drug is famous for its ability to obstruct sleep, and it is thus, used as a potent medication against sleep disorders associated with narcolepsy, apnea, or shift work. Modafinil has also been effective against attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).

Although Modafinil does not replace the need for regular sleep, it can reduce sleepiness in people who battle excessive sleep, including those whose work schedules intercept their sleeping hours. This unique potential of the drug in ensuring wakefulness sets it up for abuse by individuals who want to obstruct sleep, even in the absence of a known sleep disorder.

Like other abused prescription medications, using or misusing Modafinil can bring about side effects. The drug has also been linked to unsightly withdrawal symptoms, suggesting that people who use it over long periods or overdose on it may become addicted. Headaches, nausea, anxiety, depression, and irregular heartbeats are some of these side effects. Allergic reactions may also occur in some individuals.

Effects of Taking 200mg Modafinil

It is always best to seek medical advice when taking prescription medications. When recommendations from medical personnel are adhered to, you or your loved ones are assured of safety after Modafinil use. The recommended dosage for Modafinil use in adults is 200mg per day. This dosage is best taken orally and in the morning. Dosages slightly above 200mg may not come with any severe side effects or additional benefit. However, higher doses can lead to numerous types of unfortunate aftermaths including drug tolerance, addiction, and other health complications.

Find Help for Modafinil Addiction and Abuse

The undesirable consequences of substance abuse or dependence far outweigh its widely propagated rewards. Nonetheless, it appears most chemically dependent people are either oblivious of these adverse outcomes or simply indifferent to how intense or severe they can be. This factor partly explains why the United States’ substance use challenge has remained unresolved over the past decades.

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