Why is Snorting Heroin Popular?

Heroin is a popular, illicit opioid involved in the substance use challenge of the United States. The drug is widely consumed across diverse age groups in the nation. The laudable decline in deaths resulting from heroin overdose across the country has not exempted it from being a leading cause of drug overdose deaths. Well, this report does not sound too surprising when placed against the considerably high rates at which adolescents, young adults, and older adults use the drug. In 2018, over 800,000 individuals aged 12 years and above reported using heroin in the past year. This figure, which represented approximately 0.3% of the people in the age groups, significantly surpassed previous years’ data.

Why is Snorting Heroin Popular?

Dangers of Using Heroin

As an opioid, heroin is a powerful depressant commonly used to manage anxiety or pain. The drug can be taken singly or in combination with other drugs or alcohol. Combining heroin with other substances affects the overall effect derived from consuming the drug. So does the route adopted during administration.

Injecting, smoking, and snorting are the primary ways of using heroin, each of which comes with drawbacks and so-called advantages. Whereas injecting the drug directly into the bloodstream produces an instantaneous rush of feelings, it also places an addicted individual at risk for chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

Why Many People Prefer to Snort Heroin

People snort heroin for several reasons. Snorting heroin appears to be a more comfortable alternative to smoking the drug or injecting it into the bloodstream. All one needs to snort the powdered form of the drug is a flat surface or paper. Also, not worrying about sharing syringe needles or contracting diseases spurs people taking heroin to choose to snort it over smoking or injecting it. Apart from being concerned about safety, people who snort heroin do not want to face the societal stigma associated with using syringes or smoking.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the reasons for their choice, people who snort heroin are not immune to its highly addictive or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. The perceived delay they experience before the onset of heroin dependence also exposes them to nasal inflammations and other kinds of aftermath associated with heroin abuse.

Find Help for Heroin Dependence and Addiction

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