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In one of her famous works, Edith Hamilton wrote about a hero in a classical Greek tragedy who possesses a tragic flaw, hubris, which ultimately will be his or her undoing. The alluded reality for some individuals is not so much different from the drama described by Edith. The source of personal tragedy, for many Americans today, is often some sort of compulsion, obsession or ‘‘fatal attraction’’ which may involve one or more substances. In addition, even though many of these behaviors are hidden from public view, the effects of addiction can be seen everywhere in America.

Addiction is seen in a loved one who despite the pain of pancreatitis has no plans to quit drinking. Addiction is also evident in the chain smoker who coughs steadily from emphysema or in the actions of the trusted employee who was imprisoned for embezzlement to fund a long-term drug addiction. On taxpayers, the effects of substance addiction in America is estimated at several hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

It would seem that a regular addict is doomed to a life without light at the end of the tunnel. The general tendency is to equate addiction with loss of control. However, unlike the heroin Edith’s story, we know that addiction is not an innate character flaw of the addict and that sobriety from drugs is very possible with professional help. When we turn to a different Hamilton, the town in Central New Jersey, many residents are affected by substance use disorder. We assist men, women, and families that are searching for addiction help in Hamilton, NJ.

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Addiction Treatment in Hamilton, New Jersey

As addiction is a chronic disease, an individual cannot simply stop using drugs for a few days and be cured for life. This is dangerous and such a person is likely to relapse several times, see treatment as pointless and give up entirely on sobriety. The fact is that substances of abuse alter the brain chemistry and behavior of an addict. These alterations cannot be reversed with a snap of the fingers or after a few days in recovery. A recovering addict needs long-term or repeated care to stop using completely and recover their lives. Approaches to addiction help in Hamilton, NJ is done to guide the addict to stop using drugs, stay drug-free and be fulfilled in their relationships, professional, academic, and financial goals.

Drug addiction has strong biological, psychological, and social components. The most successful treatment approaches use pharmaceutical methods as in detox, medication-assisted therapy (MAT) and drug-replacement therapy depending on the substance involved and the severity of the addiction. Treatment also involves psychotherapy. Psychotherapy may take the forms of motivational interviewing or cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). In motivational interviewing, the therapist engages the recovering addicts in formulating their own goals for sobriety. Motivational interviewing allows the recovering addict to draw up a personal process of change while the therapist draws insight and guides the addict in making sustainable recovery goals. On the other hand, CBT aims to reinforce the recovering addict in the direction of positive thinking while eliminating counterproductive and superstitious beliefs. CBT helps the recovering addict to find out what is important to them, might involve examining exceptions to the problem, and exploring other means of dealing with stressors and triggers in life without resorting to drugs.

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Although no single treatment is fit for everyone, working with your treatment professional will ensure that you get the most out of the treatments specially designed for you. Hamilton residents can now get help to beat their addiction problems without traveling out of town for the treatment they need. Do you or loved one need help finding the right kind of help for substance abuse? New Jersey addiction resources can help. Call our addiction helpline now.

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