Men’s Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Men represent the majority of people who fall into the depths of addiction. Their efforts to battle despair and find meaning in their lives can lead to seeking solace anywhere. Usually, they end up doing drugs. According to Harvard University, men are more likely to abuse illicit and prescription drugs than women. They are also more likely to become addicts. In 2013, the U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that males ages 12 and older are twice as likely as women to have substance abuse or dependence problems. Furthermore, a large number of men end up in the emergency room or die from an overdose. Overall, when a man starts using drugs, he is more likely to continue or use stronger drugs. Our recommended New Jersey men’s drug rehab centers offer effective gender-specific addiction therapy.

There are many reasons why men become severely addicted to drugs. In fact, they are also more likely to ignore treatment than women do. Usually, treatment is deemed unnecessary as they feel they can handle things just fine. Seeking treatment is seen as a personal sign of weakness or a sinking low. The male ego discourages treatment or admitting to loved ones that they need help.

Early exposure is blamed for male addiction. Introduction to drugs, by friends or older men they look up to, is seen as a normal rite of passage. Men view this as social promotion and feel the need to continue. Such early exposure affects the brain, resulting in strong addiction until late in life. The Journal of Adolescent Health found that college-aged men mostly abuse alcohol and prescription drugs on campus while their female counterparts were less likely.

Besides early exposure and peer pressure, environmental stress is a major contributing factor to addiction. As men are usually breadwinners, the stress of providing for their immediate families and other dependents can cause severe depression. Many resort to drugs to take the edge off and achieve a confidence boost. The Archives of General Psychiatry affirmed that men mostly take drugs to reinforce the standard ideas of gender roles.

Men's Addiction Treatment

Why You Should Choose Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Men’s addiction treatment in New Jersey and out-of-state is highly individual. Gender-specific treatment helps clinicians treat men with addiction issues effectively in order to achieve long-term sobriety. Because men are brought up to bury emotions and be independent, they may attempt cold turkey alone.

Asides that, the fear of losing their job due to opening up about their drug problem, as well as the corporate view of addiction, are barriers to finding treatment. This is why most men prefer outpatient, intensive treatment that can be scheduled around work and family commitments.

A men-only treatment facility lets you connect with fellow men on the same path to recovery. In addition, you will learn from experienced recovering addicts who are eager to help you during group therapy.

Most importantly, the staff at the male-only treatment center have ample experience to help you. Years of dealing with the nuances of addiction in men let them employ unique approaches to treatment. This makes your recovery faster.

Choosing a men-only treatment will help you avoid stigma, especially if sex, infidelity, or issues of masculinity caused the addiction. No matter the severity of your case, being at a men-only treatment center will help you feel less judged than in a mixed-gender setting. Only when you can lower your walls where you feel safe will real healing happen.

Finding Men’s Drug Rehabs in New Jersey

Drug addiction is a problem that cuts across all demographics. Surely, the effects of the problem are felt differently. Do you reside in New Jersey? Would you prefer to enroll in a New Jersey Men’s Addiction Treatment facility? At NJ Addiction Resources, you will access a men-only treatment center to cater to your addiction problems. We are affiliated with centers with a stellar record of accomplishment in substance addiction management. Via these centers, you will gain support to break the barriers to long-term recovery within a judgment-free atmosphere. Our empathetic addiction experts will also ensure a personalized approach to guarantee the best results.

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