Sober Living Homes in New Jersey

Nobody starts out wanting to develop an addiction. However, what starts as experimentation causes people to gravitate toward substances or behaviors. There are many reasons for this. A substance may offer pleasure or provide an escape from displeasure. Often time, the root cause of addiction is more complex than simply pleasure-seeking behavior.

To an extent, people use substances to fill a real or perceived need. For example, an anxiety disorder may cause one to turn to alcohol because of its calming effect or because it makes them feel more comfortable in social settings. Another example is abusing pain pills prescribed to manage chronic pain. In the end, addiction creeps in. The good news, however, is that addiction is treatable. The first level of treatment is detox, which is quickly followed by rehab. The third level of treatment is sober living, also called halfway houses, transitional living, and recovery residences.

Sober living homes in New Jersey

What is a Sober Living Home?

A New Jersey sober living home is a type of recovery residence where you get better and stay clean after completing a treatment program. It provides structure, access to a community, and monitoring recovering addicts while teaching them to deal with stressors. The structure, treatment method, and quality of care vary with the program. Nonetheless, all sober living homes in New Jersey and out-of-state are designed to help you transition from treatment to independence. Think of it as a bridge between committing to treatment and the real world.

Why You Should Consider a Recovery House

New Jersey sober living homes are one level in the road to lasting recovery. A good sober living home will provide you with structure, support, and accountability. Generally, you are allowed the same level of freedom as though you were living independently. That means that you are free to check-in or out at any time. While staying in the house, residents can engage in regular life activities like holding a job, having a love interest, etc.

Depending on your needs, there are co-ed as well as men or women-only recovery houses. There are also sober living homes for young people too. You will be part of a community of people who are also in recovery. You can learn from one another’s experiences and share your wins as you work towards recovery together.

There are often have weekly or daily house meetings, where residents are encouraged to share difficulties with sobriety or interpersonal conflicts that may arise while living in the home. It will help you ease into real life by learning to handle the usual stressors or environmental triggers that contribute to your addiction.

How Transitional Living Works

Treatment professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, addiction therapists, recovery coaches, and experienced volunteers run sober living homes. Although most sober living homes do not have all of these people on-site, they have access to specialists in providing professional treatment for addiction.

Different levels of care are needed in different situations. It is not always necessary to start at the highest level of care, but in most cases, detox and/or a brief stay in rehab is needed before going to a sober living home.

In summary, here are the highlights of what you can expect from a sober living home:

  1. Vocational rehabilitation that equips you with useful life skills.
  2. A strong community is sharing common goals.
  3. A safe environment to interact with society and develop non-drug coping skills.
  4. Emergency contact and support when you feel the craving is intense.
  5. A home where you will build and learn how to mend broken relationships.

Find New Jersey Sober Living Homes

Besides the fact that the quality of New Jersey transitional living homes varies greatly, moving into an environment after rehab is a big deal. You will need a home that will provide a strong support system and shares your sobriety goals. That is why we are here.

At New Jersey Addiction Resources, we are committed to giving you the best level of care. Not only do we recommend sober living homes with a record of accomplishment of success, but you will also access professionals who will ensure that you recover in a safe environment. We are available around the clock. Call us today, and we will be glad to provide more details.

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