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Heroin is the most commonly available illegal opiate in America. Unlike other opiates, such as codeine and oxycodone, which can be mostly obtained by doctor’s prescription, getting heroin is easier and cheaper on the street.

Until 1875, the United States had no laws restricting the use of heroin or other opiates. San Francisco took the first step by passing city laws aimed at closing opium dens with California following suit in 1891 via state laws requiring narcotics to bear warning labels, and their sales logged. This is hardly different for prescription opioids even today.

Stricter laws followed in 1907 with the Pharmacy and Poison Act that made it a crime to sell opiates to someone who did not have a doctor’s note until the ban on possession of any opioid in 1909. Meanwhile, the U.S. government had placed a tax on opium importation since 1893. The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914 also placed a heavy tax on the distribution of all opiates and served as a deterrent against buying and selling the drugs.

Nonetheless, these laws have been largely ineffective and the opioid trade in America is booming due to ever-increasing demand from addicts. Drug trafficking has also made heroin available in most parts of the United States and hardly any county is safe from the effects of the drug.

Hamilton NJ Heroin Rehab Program

Quitting Heroin for Good

Everyone who is addicted to the drug wants to stop using heroin but the severe withdrawal symptoms make it very hard. The truth is there is a good and bad way to quit or break free from heroin addiction. Addicts who try to quit on their own, more often than not, relapse and are at the risk of a fatal overdose. On the other hand, addicts who commit to a Hamilton NJ heroin rehab program get professional help and go on to live healthy and more fulfilling sober lives.

The treatment approach used in rehab varies with the program and with the individual. This is because no two addiction stories are the same despite the similarities they may seem to share. However, most rehab programs will involve detox, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and individual psychotherapy as in cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as group psychotherapy in the residential phase of rehab.

Post-rehab is the outpatient treatment phase. Here, addicts will have access to scheduled sessions with their therapist and a support system in the form of group sessions with other addicts who have beaten heroin addiction.

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With these said, one can often be overwhelmed by the decision to choose the best Hamilton NJ heroin treatment center while dealing with an addiction problem. We understand this and that is why we are committed to helping you find the best program suited for you. NJ Addiction Resources has been helping addicts rewrite their addiction stories for years and would love to be a part of your recovery story. We also have access to the resource and expertise to guide you. Call our helpline today for more details.

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